Gabumon Lover

The 'Gabumon's Love' Series
Enter the Gabu Gabumon/Agumon YAOI / Part 1
Eyes of the Beholder Gabumon/Veemon YAOI / Part 2
Double-edged Sword Armadillomon/Agumon YAOI / Part 3
Unfound Shame Gabumon/Agumon YAOI / Part 4
Crippled Faith Gabumon/Matt YAOI / Part 5
Injustice Delivered ExVeemon/WarGreymon YAOI / Rape / Part 6
Tears and Pain ExVeemon/WarGreymon YAOI / Part 7
Truth Reveled Gabumon/Agumon YAOI / Part 8
Mysterious Disaster Leomon/Wargreymon YAOI / rape / Part 9
Corrupted Data Veemon/Gabumon YAOI / Part 10
Long Forgotten Embrace Armadillomon/Gabumon YAOI / Part 11
Going the Wrong Way Veemon/Agumon YAOI / Part 12, Written by Da_WOLFE
A New Year, But The Same Love Gabumon/Agumon YAOI


Best stories I ever read [Mike]

I truly believe that there's no one who can beat your Agumon and Gabumon stories! you really have a winning Series here--keep up the good work! [Darkmon]

I agree with mike, they are the best, it's the deceet and lies tht make it sooo spicy. You totally need to make more lemons with Gabumon and Agumon. [Dan]