Gabumon Bubu

Gabumon Wakes Up to His Dream Matt/Gabumon & Tai/Agumon YAOI
Phantom Confessions Flamedramon/Renamon  
The 'Chasing Dreams' Series
I Will Never Know... Agumon/Gabumon YAOI
...Until You Tell Me Gabumon/Agumon YAOI
Moss NEVER Burns True LOVE Agumon/Gabumon YAOI
Kindred Glow Takato/Guilmon YAOI
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wow i really loved that story i was seriously about to cry :( which is one thing i usually dont do even in the saddest occations :( but i really loved the chasing drams series (one thing that really makes up a good lemon story is that they have a good plot not all that jucy stuff and thats just it with a little bit of side talking) [Rintean]

GABUMON BUBU! DAMN, KEEP IT UP! you got the Diction and the nice stories. The length of your lemons may seem like a hassle at first, but it's all worth it. All he needs are more lemons! =D. But I'm sure he can do that. You're the BEST! [TYRANOMON4466]