The 'Third Season Expierences' Series
Guilmon's New Experience Terriermon/Flamedramon & Terriermon/Guilmon Part 1 /YAOI
Terriermon's First Lover Returns Terriermon/WereGarurumon/ Flamedramon/Guilmon Part 2 /YAOI
Guilmon's Growing Experience Guilmon/Renamon Part 3
Guilmon Starts To Cross Guilmon/Juri Part 4
Juri's New Partner Juri/Leomon Part 5
The 'Gabumon's Rape' Series
Gabumon is Raped Gabumon/Terriermon/Lopmon/Matt/Wallace Part 1 /YAOI / Rape
Gabumon Finds and Loses Love Gabumon/Veemon Part 2 /YAOI
Gabumon Finds Love Again Gabumon/Patamon & Gabumon/Veemon/Patamon Part 3 /YAOI
Matt's Back and It's Agumon's Turn Tai/Agumon Part 4 /YAOI / Rape
Terriermon's Unusual Day Impmon/Terriermon YAOI
Angewomon's Double Dose BlackWarGreymon/Angewomon/Leomon  
Calumon See Calumon Do Calumon/Rika  
Gabumon's Love Gabumon/Armadillomon YAOI / Lime
Tokomon's Day Tokomon/DemiVeemon YAOI
Gabumon's Big Day Gabumon/Gatomon  
DNA Love Patamon/Armadillomon YAOI
Deva's Power Vajramon/Renamon Rape
Cream Puff Jeri/Takato  


all i can say is well done very well done [anonamis]

There are very few writers that I know of that can write this good, but by far you're exceptional! Such determination and will to push forth a prosperous Guilmon and Gabumon stories are deeply compelling and well... awesome. Keep up the good work, Gabumatic! I might even catch up with you and the others someday. [Darkmon, Prince of Darkness]