Flamedramon Lover

Deliverance (Rescue) and Reminisce (Remember) Stingmon/Flamedramon YAOI
Another Chance Flamedramon/Seth YAOI
Birthday Surprise Aquarivamon/BlackWargreymon/ Flamedramon/Stingmon  
The 'Flamedramon True Love' Series
Hidden Feelings n/a lime
Is He Gone n/a lime
Healing Time Flamedramon/Steve YAOI
Cleaning Time Flamedramon/Steve YAOI
Greatest Love n/a YAOI / lime
False Hope n/a YAOI / lime
The 'Inner Strength' Series
Bitter Destiny n/a  
The 'Icedramon' Series
Icedramon's Sacrifice Icedramon/Raidramon  
Pain Within My Heart n/a