The 'Renamon's Heat' Series
Renamon's Heat Renamon/Guilmon Part 1
Renamon's Heat Renamon/Terriermon Part 2
Renamon's Heat Renamon/Leomon Part 3
The 'Yolei Grows Up' Series
Midnight Passion Yolei/Poromon & Yolei/Hawkmon Part 1
The Sleepover Yolei/Hawkmon/Kari/Davis/Gatomon/Veemon Part 2
A Dream Cums True Yolei/Kari Part 3
The 'How Ken and Miyako Became the Ichijoujis' Series
Will Living Together Work? n/a Part 1
Chapter 1's First Lemon Scene Kari (solo) masturbation
Chapter 1's Second Lemon Scene Yolei/Ken  
Battle in the Night Renamon/Gatomon YURI


Hey i'm new to this site but renamon's heat is the best continue i would love to read more of the series [Crimsonmon]