El Intruder

Close Encounters of the Very Weird Kind Kenta/Cyberdramon YAOI
Lost and Found BlackWargreymon/Flamedramon YAOI
The Very Odd Threesome Leomon/Angewomon/BlackWarGreymon  
The 'Surrender to True Love' Series
Cold Hearts n/a Part 1
Confessions and Confusions Angewomon/Leomon Part 2
What the Future Holds Angewomon/Leomon Part 3
The 'Island Paradise' Series
Let's Get Down to Business n/a  
Lucky Guests n/a  


ok, i just cant stop reading "close incounters of a wierd kind", its too awsome!!! i believe you should continue that one! dont quit your fascinating work!! [Tamer of Legend]

Hey! These suck! Nah joking these actually rock! I enjoyed all your lemons. I find them to be very impressive! I think my fave was "Close Encounters of the Very Weird Kind" with Kenta & Cyberdramon. This was superb!! I have a request if you read this. Create a lemon with Cyberdramon and Juri in or Rika. Keep up the great work! [Linzi]

You are goood. Thats right, there triple O's in the good. You deserve it. You lemons are so fasinating. You stories are excellent also. I can't tell you how good you story goes along with the suduction. I love the sexual energy that just screams out in these lemons also. Please keep it up and write more. [Quocorya]