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Likes: Pretty much everything.
Dislikes: Nothing really.

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I have been obsessed with digimon for many years and have been writing for just as long. I many more stories originally posted on this site but I've since taken them off. Instead I've decided to start from scratch and apply everything I've known through the years to make my works even better. I have no qualms with any types of stories so I'm always open to new ideas. I'll be online now for an indefinite period so drop me a line if you want to talk or whatever.


You do a good job, but there are some suggestions I suggest you follow. Separate scenes, you jump from one scene into another way too quickly, and sometimes in the same paragraph, making it extremely cluttered to read. Also, try adding a little more detail. If a character is laying on another character, HOW are they laying? Add a little more detail. Other then that, you're pretty good and have very entertaining ideas. Kudos, keep it up. [Daneasaur]

KICK ASS !! [big dog69]

Interesting,Very interesting,im looking forward to diving in to these stories [DORU-SLaughT`]