Dreamous Iceling

First Lemon Veemon/Davis YAOI
Burning Passion Davis/Flamedramon Romance, no yiff
Gabumon's Service Agumon/Gazimon, Agumon/Gabumon
Galgomon/Gabumon, Clarence/Gabumon
YAOI, Foot Fetish, Domination,
Submission, Foreskin, and Scent play
Veemon's Day Veemon/Flamedramon/Exveemon
You Know What They Say About Guilmon... Flamedramon/Guilmon YAOI
The 'Ivory Feathers' Series
Mon of a Feather... Devian (Flamedramon)/Xavier (Flamedramon) Yaoi
Afire N/A  
The 'Dragon Fun' Series
The Solution Growlmon/Takato YAOI
Playtime Growlmon/Takato YAOI
The 'Anthromorphic' Series
Goodnight WereGarurumon/Flamedramon YAOI
New Dimension Flamedramon contains masturbation and YAOI
The First Time Flamedramon/Manuel YAOI
The 'New Voyages' Series
Black Velvet Shade/Brian YAOI
The 'Gabi-Fun' Series
Pink and Blue Gabi/Gabablue YAOI
The 'Footpaw' Series
Big Blue Feet Davis/ExVeemon, Davis/Flamedramon Yaoi, feet, hyper-cum
Little Grey Paws Davis/Flamedramon, Gabumon/Gazimon Yaoi, feet
The 'Morning Shine' Series
The Great Awakening Guilmon/Takato Yaoi, feet, unconcious

At a Glance

Contacting Info:


Writing Preferences:

Likes: Yaoi, Flamedramon, Musky/sweatyness, Cuddling, Romance, Friendly people, Footpaws, Being commissioned, Watersports, Feedback. Indifferent to: Yuri and Females. (Most think i hate them, it's not true :p just not turned on), intense/violent scenes.
Dislikes: Breasts (okay, they just kinda make me squirm a little ^^;), Super-egotistical bad artists.

About the Author:

I'm just your average dragon. I've been writing for some years now, four in total i believe, though in that time i believe I've only had one year concrete writing. I take very, very, long breaks in typing ^^;. Trying to stop that. Usual FAQ answers: I'm male, American, Open for commissions (Will write for money!!), and my favorite Digimon is Flamedramon. Past that.. Um.. I'm 6'1", weight 200 lbs, somewhat athletic, single.. I enjoy long walks on the beach, and... Okay, just joking. I'm actually taken. (Sorry any out there who that upsets ^^;). But i figured it'd be fun to put. So do enjoy my lemons please, and feedback is delicious!


TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! Keep em coming! I especially like the dragon type digimon like Exveemon. It rocked! [Horjigus]

I Love it, please make more about feet, maybe that a digimon is kidnapped and being tortured by anything with feet, please write more

DAMN!!!!! This guy has been VERY GOOD TO ME!!!!, lol, damn...a great author, and enough plot to get me to read it fully. His writing is well-written and planned. The best thing about his writing are the CHARACTERS HE CHOOSES! DAMN!!!! I mean...Guilmon, Garurumon, the forms of Guilmon, and I bet more to come! I wanted to ask him something....and it's in the second episode for season 4 if anyone's seen it, and I don't really wanna spoil the episode for people who hasn't seen it, but I guess I cant ask him to do a lemon on someone... (I don't know how to take screenshots >.<) ack..well, if anyone gets to see Frontier before it's released (which is suppose to be late September) Then I guess you're able to start lemons using characters from there! Anyway....Dragons....the Dragon digimon are my top favorites!!!! but of course, for those who know me...Gabumon to me is the best of all time. And Dragon Lover....damn, a damn good author did one with Garurumon which is still good =) KEEP IT UP BRO! Don't stop now.....=� .....::whispers::....Gabumon's the best.... [Gabumon Bubu]