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Likes:Straight, Yaoi, Yuri, Rape, Tentacle Rape, Plot, Humour, Fights, Complex, Action, Well planned sex scenes, Digimon/Human pairings, Flamedramon/Renamon, AquaVeemon.
Dislikes:Any digimon like Numemon or Sukamon, Watersports, Senseless plots and OOC.

About the Author:

Hey people DMX speaking. As you probably know, I've made way too many Straight stories, but this isn't because I don't like the other ones, I'm slowly developing ideas to come up with new flashing stories. My weakness is grammar most of the time; thanks to my many proof readers for having pointed that out. I love pairing either Flamedramon or AquaVeemon with any digimon, since they are my personal favorites and I hope I get the chance to develop enough plot for stories including Flamedramon/AquaRivamon pairing! Hehe. Well, anyways, you can always contact me via MSN or Yahoo, I'm mostly in MSN, but meh... I get every now and then in Yahoo. All your comments to my stories are welcome!


I like all them keep writing [Fernando]

Great work DMX. Keep it up d^_^b [Nikoshi]