Digistar DBZ

And He Jests At Scars Myotismon/Piedmon YAOI / Torture
Lesson To Be Taught LadyDevimon/Myotismon Torture
Our Rainfall Myotismon/Piedmon YAOI
Sweet As Wine Myotismon/Piedmon YAOI
Ofuro ni Hairu.... Myotismon  
"The Dark Mistress": MST Version! Puppetmon/Mimi...sort of Spinoff / Comedy
Doctor, Doctor Piedmon/Myotismon YAOI
Healing Hands n/a YAOI
I Can't Hold Back: Fureidoramon to Garugomon Flamedramon/Gargomon YAOI
Never Been *That* Way Before Beelzemon masturbation
Silent Memory Myotismon/Piedmon YAOI
Water-Logged Love Myotismon/Piedmon YAOI


Lemme just say that his lemons kick major ASS. Everyone should read them AT LEAST twice! =P [Kojiro Arigatou]

You have great skills as a writer, and I love your work, keep it up. PS, can i begin some manga on your Beelzemon story, I really loved that.....thanx [*~DitgitalDemon13]