The 'Lost in the Woods' Series
Lost in the Woods Veemon/Agumon Yaoi
One step closer Veemon/Agumon/Guilmon Yaoi
Complications Flamedramon/Blackwargreymon Yaoi
Comfort for the Wounded Wargreymon/Flamedramon Yaoi
One good turn... Flamedramon/Blackwargreymon Yaoi, Rape
...deserves another Growlmon/Wargreymon/Blackwargreymon Yaoi, Rape
Off again Growlmon/Wargreymon/Flamedramon Yaoi
A little problem Growlmon/Wargreymon/Flamedramon/Flamon Yaoi
Controlled Growlmon/Wargreymon/Flamedramon/Agunimon Yaoi, Rape
Nuts and Berries Wargreymon/Flamedramon/Flamon Yaoi
A Reason for Their Troubles BlackWargreymon/Flamedramon Yaoi, Rape
Mixed Feelings Agumon/Veemon Yaoi
Flamon Veemon/Flamon Yaoi
A Random Attack Unknown Digimon/Flamon Yaoi, Rape
Rescue Unknown Digimon /Flamon, Agumon/Veemon Yaoi, CONTAINS Rape
The 'Stolen' Series
Stolen n/a  
Meet the V Team Veemon/Veemon/Veemon Yaoi
The Search Almost Begins Gabumon/Monodramon, Greymon/Ryo Yaoi, Rape
Arkadimon's Entertainment J.V./Arkadimon, J.V./tentacles Yaoi, Contains foot fetish and tentacles
Sweet Vengeance Monodramon/Gabumon Yaoi
Hurt Veemon/V.C. Yaoi
Hurt Again Arkadimon/J.V. Yaoi, Rape
A Time to Fight, a Time to Win V.C./J.V. Yaoi
The 'The Fire of Courage' Series
First Impressions... Greymon/Flamedramon Yaoi, Rape
...Can Be...Sort of Misleading Greymon/Flamedramon Yaoi
Dreams and Discoveries Gabumon, Greymon/Flamedramon Yaoi, CONTAINS Masturbation and Semi-Rape
Healing, Revealing, Appealing, and Dealing Ex (ExVeemon)/Flamedramon Yaoi
An Exciting World Charizard/Mewtwo Yaoi, Crossover
Mission Not Quite Impossible Impmon/Sarah, Impmon/Veemon Rape, CONTAINS Yaoi

At a Glance

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E-Mail: SonicHowler42@cfl.rr.com
AIM: DarkWolf2041

Writing Preferences:

Likes:Straight, Yuri, Yaoi, Rape
Dislikes:Scat, Watersports (both strong dislikes), Vore, Gore

About the Author:

Believe it or not, my real name is Wolfe (pronounced Wolf). I am American and male and I live in Florida. And... um... I guess that's all I have to say! <(^_^)>


Hey there. Nice stories... That pokemon thing was a little scarry. Well have fun. Keep up the good work. [Jo-Lo]

Your stories are great! I'm hoping to see more of your fine work soon! [Yaoi Fan]

*eye twitch* yaoi...overload...keep up the good work. :P [Penance]

Da WOLFE, I love all your lemons. Great job on all of these! [Chaotic]