Broken Out of The Shell Angewomon/Angemon  
Summer On Fire Christine/Myotismon  
Purity Christine/Ken  
On Purpose Tai/Kari Incest / Spanking
One And Only Christine/Ken  
More Than Love Christine/Oikawa  
The 'All The Way' Series
All The Way Metal Mikemon/Angewomon Part 1
All The Way: Part 2 Metal Mikemon/Angewomon Part 2
All The Way: Part 3 Metal Mikemon/Christine Part 3


Long, meaningful lemons are Christine's specialty. A lot of plot mixed with more passionate love scenes than usual makes for a very high quality lemon. [Togashi]

I think she's the best with lots of romance and very detailed stories. If I was a lemon critic on a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give her a 23.5. haha [the astral knight]

I just read Christine's lemons and they are some of the best one's ever. I've read about 500 lemons at least and Her story about Angemon And Angewomon is the best one I've ever read in my life.

You Go Girl! Good luck. [Crismon]