Chibi Renamon

Desires - reversed Gatomon/Davis & Kari/Flamedramon BDSM
Favours - Submission to Love Yolei & Yolei/Sora Yuri / masturbation
Inhibitions Kari/Yolei Yuri

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Likes:Yuri, Bondage, Domination
Dislikes:Scat, Watersports, Vore, Gore

About the Author:

First of all, I'd like to answer the two questions a lot of people have asked me: I'm German and male.
I joined this bunch to participate in one of the writing contests on the board. My contest lemon ("Desires - Reversed") won the November '02 contest, making me a happy Chibi! ^_^


i've been waiting on these lemon's for around...ooh a year now,and they blow me away,i've loved them,i really have,i see chibirenamon as one of the (even the) best writer on this site....i can't wait for more ;)

Great job, Chibi! [Da WOLFE]

'Desires - reversed' Is probley the best lemon i've seen in along time. Congrats on the contest Chibi Renamon. [Zeta Infinite(ZeoMega)]

There are a few 'must-read' lemons out there. Desires Reversed is one of them. The sexual tension, character development, not to mention the hot lemon scences makes this lemon truly unique. [Red Rover]

good [roger]