Bigman 140

The 'End Game: Dark Forces' Series
Enter the "Lord of Destruction" n/a Part 1
The Challenge of Vengeance n/a Part 2
The Darkness Spreads n/a Part 3
Let the Battles Commence n/a Part 4
Round One n/a Part 5
Time Fighters n/a Part 6
Quarter Finals n/a Part 7
Semi-Finals: Part 1 Kaiayomon/Lillymon Part 8
Time Warps n/a Part 9
Dark Forces: Life's End n/a Part 10
The Final Battle? n/a Part 11
The 'Dark Forces: The Wish' Series
The Wish Veemon/Gatomon Part 1
The Resistance Veemon/Gatomon & Izzy/Sora Part 2 / comedy
Interesting Use of a Tail Kaiayomon/Mimi Part 3
A Mind Destroyed, A Mind Rescued n/a Part 4
The Final Battle n/a Part 5
The 'Shadows In The Dark' Series
Shadows Will Be Free n/a  
The Plot Thickens Takato/Rika & Guilmon/Renamon  


I think that Bigman 140 is going to go far if he can put a little more content in his stories [Wes Ingold]

i agree with Wes Ingold you have great potentional but lack indepth details and i realy dont mean to sound like one of those oh what are they called....oh yes criticks(i think i spelled it right?) [dragonman20]