Angewomon's Lover

Life of Guilmon Series
Sex Ed Class Flamedramon / Angewomon | Guilmon / Guilmon(F) Incest
Love Hurts Guilmon / Guilmon(F) Rape, Incest
The End of the Line VenomMyotismon / Guilmon(F) | Guilmon / Guilmon(F) Rape, Incest, Masturbation, Violence, Death
Unexpected Appearences Impmon / Guilmon | Impmon / Guilmon(F) | Guilmon / Guilmon(F) Rape, Yaoi, Violence, Death
Double Deuce Gatomon / Veemon | Gatomon / Patamon | Angewomon / Exveemon / Angemon  
The New Revelations
Enter the Digital World N/A Lime
Vook & AquaVeemon Vook / AquaVeemon Yuri
Lessons To Be Learned N/A Lime
Another DigiDestined Kurtz / Aquarivamon  
Digimental of Bravery N/A  
Veemon's Luck N/A  
The Dragon and the Vixen Veemon/Renamon Tit-Fuck
The Kaizer revealed N/A N/A
Tenujimon the dragoness revealed N/A N/A
Angewomon & Sakuyamon Angewomon / Sakuyamon Yuri, Breast growth
CKM request Veemon/Gatomon/Patomon Rape/YAOI
Circeus request Armodillomon/wormon YAOI