On the Edge of Silence non-lemon Tragedy, death
I Just Love You
We're Going to be Friends n/a  
Truth Doesn't Make a Noise n/a  
In the Cold, Cold Night n/a  

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Likes: Fluff, romance, action, the macabre, morbidity, character interaction
Dislikes:Pointless pr0n, OOC-ness, Hawkmon


Yayyyy! someone else who likes more story then sex! [some guy]

nice stories. 'on the of silence' was an awsome story!! keep up the good work [Alexander "anime freak" thom]

After reading "On the Edge of Silence", I don't plan on EVER reading another Death/Tragedy story again..EVEREVEREVER Again. *Shivers* Good job on the story and all _agz_ [Zeta Infinite(ZeoMega)]