The 'Lovers Island' Series
Lovers Island Tai/Sora & Yolei/Ken & kind of a Davis/Kari Part 1
When Fantasies Become Reality Davis/Kari & DD/Kari/DT & DK/Davis Part 2
Loves, Labors, Lost Davis/Kari Part 3
Secrets Revealed & New Relationships Made TK/Jun & Kari & Yolei Part 4 / Masturbation
Love and Kendo DK/Davis Part 5 / Lime
Old Friends and New Enemies Izzy/Mimi Part 6
Caught Red Handed Matt/Samantha Part 7
Enemy or Ally (Part 1) DY/DE Part 8
Enemy or Ally (Part 2) Veemon/Salamon Part 9
Mischievous Digimon and Chocolate Davis/Kari  
Be Careful What You Wish For n/a Lime
The 'Three Way Deal' Series
The Deal Kari/Yolei/Davis Part 1
The 'Birthday' Series
Kari's Eighteenth Birthday Sora/Mimi/Kari Part 1


I like lemons that involve Davis, it's great that you haven't missed out on his personaility in a situation like that. [rufus008]

dude. the karis eighteenth birthday, is 1 of the best lemons, i've read. it's a 5 outta 5, more of them would be nice tho? [Scias]

update lovers island its really good [dais]

A-man's lemons are great to read, with great detail and superb style. But now i wonder: Where is A man!? I've emailed him and he hasn't responded! I wanna know who's the artise of the song "do you love me" he mentions in "Mischeivous Digimon and Chocolate"! [Sandalphon]

Tell A-Man I love him! He's the only one that write great lemons with Davis and Kari. I don't want to read lemons with T.K. in them, he's a wuss, Davis is the real man. :) [Neo]