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Under new management as of May 2015!

This page is outdated information! Donations aren't set up at this time. Ask on the message board if you want more info.

The Digiartist's Domain has provided it's fans with ad and pop-up free Digi-Hentai for almost 3 years. I'm glad we've gotten such a great response, and so many terrific Authors and Artists that have joined the site.

Due to increased hosting costs and bandwith for the site lately, I've opened the site to accept donations through PayPal. These donations will go torwards paying the site hosting fees, or adding additional Mangas to the art sections.

Please note that the last thing I want is to have to require payment to view the site. These donations through PayPal are completely OPTIONAL on your part. Any donation can help keep the site running.

To make a donation:

  1. Login to the PayPal site: http://www..com

  2. If you have an account, login, or else you can create a free account.

  3. Then click the Send Money option. You can send money to the Digiartist's Domain by using the e-mail address


  4. That's it, you've helped us out a lot! Remember, all information from your PayPal account is always confidential. I will keep all contributors anonymous. If you wish to be recognized for your donation, however, send me an e-mail about it, and I will list your name here.

Current Contributors:

Past Contributors:

All donations go to hosting and improving the site.
Additional Mangas will also be purchased and added as donations allow.