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Under new management as of May 2015!

This page is still under construction. If you want to contact us see Jaser's profile or ask elsewhere there on the message board.

Welcome to the Contact Page of the Digiartist's Domain.
Here you will find a list of all the people that work so hard for you. Click their names or icons to contact them!


The administrator and updater of the Digiartists Domain. He is also an author here on the site, and one of two forum administrators!

Contact regarding: Anything except for money-related issues.

Funding Team


Senjuro is the DaD's treasurer, and the leader of our funding team! You can contact him about any financial issues regarding the DaD. If you wish to contact him about something else, click here!


Also an author here on the DaD!

Contact regarding: Questions about the funding team.

Very special thanks to:

Togashi, for founding the Digiartists Domain.

Chibi Renamon, for his hard work as the Site Admin from August 2003 through September 2005 and for the 2003 redesign.

NekoDramon, for creating the site logo for the 2003 redesign.

Joey, for his continued efforts for the future of the site

Mist-X, for his groundbreaking steps in the Digimon Hentai world

Red Rover, for his generous contributions

Racso, for running the best Pokemon Hentai site of all time, AGNPH, and the inspiration it brought

Vimmy Dramon, for his work on the site, especially for creating the prototype of the new layout that you see here now.

Current Message Board moderators:
Ryokumon, etherkye, Red Mage Dragon, godofchaos, Zephyr of Darkness, Wisemon, Da WOLFE (Wolfey), senjuro, dark_golf, DigistarDBZ, Nate Hunter, mrredrover, Zero Saber Blade, Outlaw Torn44, Frostbyte v.3.0, UnknownH.

Past Message Board moderators:
Dread Kitty, Greenmage, Mr Breaker, 47K, Dark Sylia Stingmon, Darkfox, Dragon, Gabumatic, Lemonz, Red Rover, Necro, Zero Sabre Blade.

And ALL the Artists and Authors that make this site great!