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The Information Desk with a twist of Citrus!

This is the place for new authors to learn the tricks of the trade from old pros!

Do you have trouble telling Patamons from Gazimons? Need the name of that obscure person you can't quite remember from the 2nd Season? Or just need some ideas for a plot, or help with your grammar? Let our experts help! The following articles are meant to assist you in your writing ventures.

Name of Author Publish Date Article / Topic
Outlaw Torn 05/25/02 Character Development
ATK 05/31/02 Improving Vocabulary
Lord Archive 11/17/02 The Guide to Anime, Hentai and Fanfiction
Chibi Renamon 08/01/03 Megchan's Encyclopedia (with list sorted by US names)
Nate Hunter 06/24/06 Digimon Relationships and Sexuality

Need more help? Contact one of our volunteer resident experts for more help!

Name E-Mail Area of Expertise
4I Falcon Grammar/Spelling Checker
Chaos General Grammar
Coddi General Assistance
DarkCatmon General Assistance
Dest-X Grammar/Spelling Checker
Dman22232 General Assistance
Dr. Archibald Plot Development and Grammar/Spelling Checker
Frostbyte General Assistance
Gatomon's Slave Grammar/Spelling Checker
Jodan For Plot (Specialty) / Character Developement
Netrogo Plot Development
Raka General Assistance
ShadowRenamon General Assistance
Spidermon Character Assistance
WaruMonzaemon Critiquing and Reviewing

Would you like to offer assistance to new authors? E-mail me, and include your alias you would like to go by, and what aspects you could assist with. I'll post you e-mail here, and new authors might come to you for advice.

You can offer to help in such things as Plot Assistance, Character Information, Grammar/Spelling Checker, or General Assistance.