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Written Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for Written Submissions:
  1. This should go without saying, but your work should be related to Digimon. All stories should involve at least one character appearing on the Digimon show or a Digimon movie. If you submit works that are not Digimon-related, chances are good that they will not be allowed on the site. Pointing at others and their non-Digimon work will not change this.

  2. This ALSO should go without saying: Only submit things which you have written or typed yourself. Should it be pointed out that your submissions were in no way created by you, your work will immediately be removed from the site.

  3. Guidelines/Classifications of Written Submissions

    If you are new to writing lemons, I suggest visiting the Lemonaid section to get ideas and assistance before posting.

    Accepted file formats:
    • Plaintext (.TXT)
    • MS Word Document (.DOC)
    • Richtext File (.RTF)
    • Web pages (.HTM) (<-- Preferred format)

    What you must include in your submission:
    • The lemon (Don't laugh, I'm serious.)
    • The title of the lemon and the name of its series (if applicable)
    • Your pen name
    • The couple(s) (Who has sex?)
    • Fetishes and other notes (e.g. "Yaoi, contains foot fetish")

    Please only send documents without password protection! Or if you have to do so, at least put the password in the comment box! Once again, don't laugh. This point is here for a reason.

    As noted above, it is preferred that submissions be in .htm format. To do this with most word processors, simply click "File > Save As..." and then save it as a .htm file from there.

    Also, please note that if there any of this information is missing, your work will not be posted until the information in question has been submitted.

    I realize that some authors like to do not only lemons, but poems and things as well. These are all great, and I'm sure everyone wants to see them! But here are the guidelines for different Classifications of Work.

  4. A minimum length of 3 pages in size 12 Times New Roman font. Also, some people find lemons easier to read when there is a This is the minimum I feel is required to achieve somewhat of a plot. Work submitted must contain some hentai (sex) scenes in it. If you have written a series of stories, and some contain hentai and some don't, that's fine, I will post these as long as there is hentai somewhere in the series. However, please don't just throw a random sex scene into a nonlemon series only to be able to post it here.

  5. Please don't try to get around the lemon submission rule by calling your work poems! A poem is a short, meaningful piece, but if I think you are just submitting a short story, it may be rejected. Poems can be of any length.

  6. The "At a Glance" Section:
    Every author and artist has the option to have a public profile on the Author/Artist page, right next to the comment box. Click here for an example.
    If you want to have such a profile (or if you want to modify your profile), just send a mail to the submission address you normally send your work to. Here are the fields you can fill out. ALL fields are optional. Just fill out what you like.
    • E-Mail address
    • AIM, YIM, MSN, ICQ screennames or identification numbers
    • "Likes" and "Dislikes" when it comes to writing or drawing
    • "About the Author/Artist" - a few words about yourself.
Thanks very much for contributing your work! We look forward to hearing from you!