Roommates - (Renamed) New(ish) Series!
Hey guys,

As maybe a few of you (or none of you) saw that I have decided to nix my newest series, “Matters of Pride”, in exchange for a more light hearted piece of fiction. So I spent a whole day today, sitting at this computer, thinking of what I could write that would replace such a story. Now I know it wasn’t much, but I was reasonably excited about it. So now that it’s gone, it’s time for a little writing. So, this weekend I am watching my Aunt and grandmother’s house, so I have the whole thing to myself. Around four o’clock this afternoon I was enjoying some microwave Buffalo wings, when I decided it was time to expand my printed collection of furry pin-ups (which shall cover my walls once I get my own place). I grabbed my flash drive and plopped myself down at my grandmother’s computer. I began printing to my heart’s content, smiling and drinking a soda. About an hour and a half later, a little message pops up saying: “Your printer’s ink levels have been decreased to the point of poor printing quality. Click this link to order another cartridge.” (Sorry, Grandma! I hope you get more ink soon!) I logged off the computer and turned to pile up my various pictures of furry females, thinking: “You know, Maahes, you need a new character for the replacement fic.” So I looked down at the additions I was about to make to my stash and separated it into three piles. The first pile was a stack of rather messy females, mostly canine. The second pile consisted of rather nice drawings of some furry, feline, females, all excellently drawn by some of my favorite artists. Looking at these two piles, I thought: “Damnit, I can’t use any of these girls to give me an idea for that fic. Every other story posted on DaD has a fox, a wolf, or a cat in it.” That is when I looked over to my other pile, which was the largest of the three. I flicked through it to see that I had sub consciously printed pictures of skunks. Skunks! Then I realized that, well… Skunk chicks are hot! So I busted out my trusty mobile drawing studio (aka a clipboard, a manila envelope, a pile of printing paper, and a mechanical pencil) and started to draw. I soon had a pencil sketch when I spotted a Sharpie sticking out from behind the TV. I grabbed it and a box of colored pencils from my cousin’s room. So, now I have my first technically inked drawing, and it kinda sucks. Her head is too wide and too flat. I’ll edit that up tomorrow and post a new, better version. Now that I had my drawing, I flew over to my Aunt’s computer, which is considerably nicer, faster, and smells less like cat crap. I opened a new Word document, this one, and got ready to write. Knowing that this is going to go long into the night, I ran downstairs and grabbed a P.F. Chang’s instant meal and about twelve cans of soda. So, I’m sitting here now, it’s about ten o’clock, and I have a warm pile of Chinese food on my right, a dog and two cats on my left, a TV behind me blasting FX, and a story that needs to be written in front of me.

If you have stuck with me this far, I want you to take your right hand, reach over your left shoulder and pat yourself on the back, because you are AWESOME! Now sit back, relax, and enjoy this new story! I hope people read this, because quite frankly, the Author’s Domain has been a bit dead as of late. So, I guess now I actually have to write the story. Enjoy!

Roommate Wanted!
Must be clean, responsible, and tidy
Must be able to help pay for utilities and groceries.
Inquire at 5030 Justin Dr. NW, Albuquerque

A heavy sigh emanated from the individual holding the newspaper want ads. She took a deep breath in and stepped forward, off the bus and onto the side walk as a rush of warm night air washed over her. The bus pulled away, leaving her on the corner. She oriented herself by looking at the street sign before setting off down the road. She soon found the address listed in the ad and walked up to the door. A soft glow emanated from inside, probably coming from a TV screen. She lifted her hand up and said a quick prayer before rapping her knuckles against the solid wood.

From inside, a voice echoed out into the courtyard.

“I swear, man!” the voice said, “If this is about that stupid TV, it was Jack who burned that yaoi into the screen!”

“Uh…” the female said quietly, unsure what to respond. She shifted about, the breeze swirling a fallen leaf about her feet, and then knocked again. There was a scratching at the door, then the rattling of a chain being pushed into its slot on the door. All of the noise stopped, then the door jerked open, revealing a green-brown eye surrounded by golden fur.

“Do I know you?” the person on the inside of the door said, blinking the sleep from his eyes. Not saying anything, the female shook her head, grabbing at the strap of her duffle bag.
“Well, look,” the male inside said, “It’s pretty late, so if you could come back tomorrow it would be grea-”

“NO!” the female outside almost yelled, stepping forward to the door, “You have the last place!”

“Wait, what?”

“You can’t say no!” she whined, “If you say no, you’re the last person in the paper, and that would mean that there isn’t a place I can stay and I need a place to stay because my parents kicked me out, so you need to say yes. Pleeeeeease!”

The female stared up at him with large eyes, wrapping her long, sleek, soft tail around herself, her small frame giving her a rather adorable appearance. The male inside gave a small sigh and reached off to the side. He opened the door the rest of the way, revealing himself to his visitor. She looked into the house, gazing on the form of her potential roommate.

The lion leaned lazily against the now open door, still blinking the sleep from his eyes. He had neglected to put on a shirt before answering the door and was wearing black pants with deep brown stripes. He held a small piece of paper and a pen.

“So what’s your name and your species?” he asked, clicking his pen several times and scribbling on the paper.

“I’m Ren,” she said, readjusting her bag and smiling, “And you can’t tell my species.”

“Please keep in mind that I just woke up,” the lion said with a yawn, writing her name on a piece of paper, “But I now see that you are a skunk. Or a skunkette, as it were.”

“Yep!” she said, running a furry black hand through her cyan hair. Sure enough, she was a skunk. Most guys tended to steer away from her due to her species’ reputation for the foul odor of self-defense, but furthermore, Ren had decided to get several piercings in each ear. With at least three rings and two studs in each ear, her jewelry scared away the males that were sensible enough to overlook a skunk’s reputation. This didn’t stop her from having relationships, but most of her “relationships” ended up being one night stands.

“Anything else you need to know?” she asked.

“Actually yes,” he said, “Open your bag for a sec.”

“Excuse me?” she said, tightening her grip on the strap, “Why?”

“It works better than asking people if they are organized. If your bag’s a mess, then you probably aren’t the tidiest person. “

“Well,” Ren said, “I didn’t have any time to pack in neatly, and I was really angry, and I kind of had to cram this bag to get it all to fit, and…”

The skunk stopped talking and re adjusted her bag again. For a second, the only sound in the gated courtyard was the scratching of the lion’s pen on paper. He clicked the pen shut and threw it and the paper off to the side.

“So can you pay for some of the utilities and groceries?” he asked, stretching his arms above his head. Ren nodded and quickly pulled a wad of bills from her pocket and offered it to the lion. He politely declined.

“I don't need it now. Anyways, You got the room,” he said, extending a hand towards the skunk, “I’m Maahes.”

Instead of shaking the Maahes’ hand, the skunk leapt forward and wrapped her arms around the lion, squeezing him tightly

“I hug my friends!” she said, “And we’re going to be best friends.”

Ren’s smile grew as she stepped into the foyer.

“So, Maahes” she said, looking around at the plain walls, “What do you do with your time?”

“Oh, you know,” he said, following her, “Play some video games, sit on the computer, play Magic cards, play D&D…”

The lion mumbled the last two things on his list, praying that the words would be lost before they reached his new roommate’s bejeweled ears. The skunk stopped in her tracks and turned around, her sleek tail flowing about her as she spun.

“Did you just say D&D? And Magic?” she asked, her smile stretching into a grin, revealing several sharp teeth.

“Uh… yeah,” Maahes replied, putting his hands in his pockets and looking down at the floor. Soon he was embraced in yet another hug.

“You’re just as nerdy as me!” Ren said, squeezing the feline tightly, “This is great!”

“Yeah,” Maahes said, feeling slightly short of breath.

“Sound more enthusiastic!” Ren said, releasing him from her hug, “You woke up this morning and I bet you didn’t think you would have a friend like me by now!”

“Not at all,” Maahes said with a tired smile. He showed Ren to her room and leaned against a wall as she talked about the room.

“Oh, I’m going to put all kinds of drawings on the walls, only if I can borrow some paper of course, and I’m going to have my friends bring over my anime collection, and I’ll put those over here in that corner and I’ll put my sheets on the bed! They’re purple and they’re amazing and regal and so amazingly soft!” She said, enthusiastically moving around the room. She soon dropped onto the bed, and began gently massaging her digitigrade feet.

“Oh, that feels great after walking all day!” she said, sitting up, cross-legged, “So what does your room look like?”

“Just like this,” Maahes said, yawning. Ren watched him as he yawned, then spoke when his mouth closed.

“You tired?” she asked smiling and tilting her head to the side. Maahes nodded and slowly blinked. Before he opened his eyes, Ren had moved from the bed to right in front of him.

“Can I see your room really fast before you go to bed?” she asked innocently.

“I guess,” Maahes said, looking down into the large, cyan eyes of his new roommate. She seemed to bubble excitement as she followed the lion into his room. He clicked the light on to show her the contents of his den.

The lion’s room was devoid of most intentional decoration, with the only thing adorning the walls being a pin-up of a tigress in a blue bikini. The rest of the room was rather utilitarian. A small television sat in the corner, hooked up to an original XBOX and a DVD player. Next to the set was a stack of disc boxes. On the other side of the room was a desk and a bookshelf. The shelf held only a few books, some of them D&D supplements in addition to the latest core books. The rest of the books were fantasy novels from varying authors. The bed was adorned with simple white sheets, crumpled from recent use. Ren stopped looking at the room for a second to look back at Maahes, who was yawning widely.

She gently grabbed his wrist and pulled him towards the bed; the lion followed, too tired to care. Once he was close enough to the bed, he fell forward onto the mattress. He soon arranged himself in the center of the bed. Once he stopped moving, Ren leaned over him.

“You better watch out, roomy,” she said, looking down at his soon to be unconscious form, “A certain skunk already has a little crush on you.”

She smiled and walked out of the room, clicking the light out on her way out. She walked into her own room and slipped out of her clothes. Once she had stripped to her underwear, she rolled over on the cool mattress and stretched out.

“Hehehe!” Ren giggled, wrapping the thick comforter that had been placed on the bed for her around her body. She half-sung as she fell asleep.

“I like him, I like him, I like my new roommate!”
Soooooo… What did you all think of my first bit of that? I have decided to take a more episodic approach to these characters then a chronological approach. I can’t really think of a story for them, but I have thought up a myriad of humorous situations that I can put them in! So, I’ll just have them have little adventures!

Please comment!
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Hey guys,

Well, I just finished typing that first bit of these character’s delightful stories and I have officially resolved that I am going to use these characters for any RP-ing I might do in the near future (cough cough wheeze wheeze shameless plug). I have also officially decided that when I get my own computer, I is getting a skunk girl background! So, I’m gonna have some fun here and just make it next day. I figure that I should keep these first few bits closer together to develop a relationship between the characters, and then start spreading it out to more separate events. So, I hopefully I can figure out what to do now. So, now, it’s time to develop the reader’s sense of Ren’s skunk-y eagerness! Time for writing!


Maahes woke up tucked under his comforter, feeling a bit warm from the heat. He stood out of bed and slowly stumbled over to his door. After stepping through the doorway, he was instantly greeted.

“Good morning!” Ren’s voice drifted into Maahes’ ears. He slowly opened his eyes letting his blurry vision straighten itself out. At first, a black, red, blue and white mass stood in front of him, the sun rising behind it. After several blinks, he saw that Ren was standing in front of him, arms out stretched. She was wearing a red t-shirt and white panties, her bright cyan hair hung neatly to her shoulders. She smiled and took a step forward.

“Can I have a hug from my favorite roommate?” she asked, looking at him cutely again. The lion stepped forward and wrapped his arms around his sleek, black roommate. She squeezed him tightly, nuzzling her head into his chest.

“You sure are quick to make friends with,” Maahes observed as he was cuddled. The skunk continued to squeeze him.

“Yep!” she said, releasing her embrace slightly, “I like making new friends!”

“Well, you should maybe be more careful,” the lion said with a smile, “You never know, I could be a rapist or something.”

Ren smiled as her bright bluish eyes met with his green-brown ones.

“Are you a rapist?” she asked, a clever sparkle in her eyes.

“Well, no, but…” Maahes said, trying to think of response. Before he could speak, he was squeezed tightly again.

“Then I have nothing to worry about,” she said, squeezing him one last time before letting him go, “So what’s on the agenda today?”

“Hmmm…” Maahes thought, trying to figure out how to say nothing, “I was going to watch a movie. Then play some video games. Then work on my D&D campaign. Then watch another movie.”

“So you’re having your friends come over to do this stuff with you?” she asked, clasping her hands behind her back.

“No,” The lion stepped around his new roommate and walked towards the kitchen. She followed closely behind.

“Well do you mind if I do all that stuff with you?”

Maahes paused as he searched for his favorite cereal, then turned back to look at the female.

“Do you really want to?”

The skunk nodded her head vigorously towards her new roommate, hoping she would allow her his company.

“Alright then,” he said, rolling his back, making his spine pop several times, “We’ll watch a movie after breakfast.”

“Which one?” she asked, rolling her head cutely towards him. The lion took a step towards her and extended a single finger.

“You know what?” he said, gently tapping her on the nose with his finger, “Whichever one you want.”

He took his box of cereal with him as he walked into the front room. She quickly followed after him, smiling.

“Ooh,” the skunk said, catching up with the large feline, “My new roommate trusts me with such a big choice.”

“Yep,” Maahes sat down on the couch, choking slightly on a marshmallow as he did so, “All of the movies are in a stack in the corner of my room; you can go look at them after you eat.”

“I already ate,” Ren said, smiling, “I’ll go pick one out now.”

The skunk walked out of the room and down the hall, leaving the lion to his thoughts. She strode down the hall, running her hands through her neon hair to rid it of knots and tangles. She soon reached Maahes’ room and began searching for said stack of movies.

“Movies, movies, movies,” she said as she searched. She scanned every corner of the room, not finding any piles of discs. In fact the only thing that was in a corner was an unmarked black binder, about three inches thick. The female looked back down the hall to make sure that the male was still in place, then sat down to look at its contents. She pulled the cover away and saw a blank page of paper. Realizing that there was a drawing on the other side, she figured that she had the book upside down. Quickly flipping it over, she began to flip through what seemed like an endless supply of nude photos of all kinds. The portfolio had birds, cats, dogs, wolves, wild cats, foxes, rodents, rabbits, and more. She continued flipping with joyful curiosity as to what form of female would fill the next page with her body. Finally, a large smile lit up her face as her eyes fell upon a skunk, not unlike herself, whom was spread across the floor with her legs separated; exposing her soft, lower lips to the camera.

Suddenly, an idea hatched itself in her head. This could be a great little joke, with potentially fun results. She quickly removed her t-shirt, tossing the red cloth into the corner. Ren reviewed the picture, then, removing her underwear first, took the exact same pose as the female skunk in the photo.

“Here we go,” she said to herself, then yelled, “Maahes! I can’t find the movies! Can you come help?”

The sleek, furry female snickered to herself as she heard the gentle rattle of the cereal box being set down, then the steady, light thumps of the lion’s footsteps as they approach.

“I could have sworn I left that pile in the corner,” Maahes said as he approached. The lion then stepped into the room, “Oh god…”

“Hey there, lion,” Ren said in a calm, alluring voice, “If you feel like going on the hunt, I’ll be your prey.”

Maahes smiled and crossed his arms over his chest, leaning against a wall.

“Well, Ren,” he said, chuckling softly, “As tempting as that offer is, perhaps you should take another look at that binder. Like whose name is on the front, eh?”

Ren broke her pose for a second to grab the book, and then, legs still spread wide, flipped the book closed to reveal the name on the front. Though she expected it to read: “Maahes”, it did not. Instead, it read: “Austin”.

“Who’s Austin?” she asked, standing up and walking towards Maahes.

“My cousin,” the lion replied, still laughing, “He left it here last weekend.”

“Oh,” Ren said, feeling a bit embarrassed. She handed Maahes the book, then walked back towards her clothing. Maahes quickly stored the book on a shelf, then took a step after the skunk.

“Ren,” he said, placing a golden furred hand on her shoulder. She turned around slowly with an embarrassed look on her face.


“I think you should know,” Maahes started, “That I think you are very attractive.”

The skunk smiled and quickly embraced him in a hug, pressing her nude form against his body and wrapping her tail around the both of them. The lion gently returned the hug, enjoying the feeling of her warm, soft fur. He looked down to see that the female had closed her eyes and was humming slightly as she nuzzled into his chest. The lion smiled and placed a hand on her back, then ran his fingers down the thick white stripe that stretched from the base of her neck to the tip of her tail.

Pushing herself up on her toes, Ren was just tall enough to kiss her roommate’s chin, and she did so.

“Thanks,” she said, smiling, “I don’t really hear that a lot.”

“It’s true,” the lion said, tracing over the white stripe again. When he reached the base of Ren’s tail, he removed his hand and looked down at the nude female in his arms, “Do you want to watch that movie now?”

The skunk giggled and nodded, still not speaking. She stepped out of Maahes’ embrace and picked up her panties. After sliding the one piece of clothing on, she quickly followed her roommate’s gaze to the stack of movies and selected one. She then returned to her feline friend.

“This one,” she said, clutching the disc case to her bare chest.

“Is that all you’re going to wear?” Maahes asked, smiling and secretly praying that the answer would be “yes”. His prayers came true when the female nodded.

“Cuddling wouldn’t be any fun with more on,” she said, stepping around the male and tickling his chin with her tail on her way. The female’s teasing caused the male to follow closely behind her, stepping in the same places that she had. They soon made it to the front room, where she gave the disc to Maahes to put in. Once the previews began, the large feline walked back over to the couch and sat next to the half-naked skunk. Once he had settled into place, Ren leaned over and snuggled close to him, allowing the male to wrap his arm around her. Just before the film started, Maahes leaned over and placed his muzzle next to one of her ears.

“You know, Ren,” he whispered, “If I do decide to “go on the hunt”, I might just take you as my “prey”.

The skunk giggled in reply and snuggled into his chest.

“Sounds fun,” she whispered back. With that, she reached up and grabbed the lion’s paw, then dragged it down to her chest, placing it over one of her breasts. The male smiled and closed his eyes as he gently groped the soft, perfect orb of flesh, then he leaned in and softly kissed Ren on her right temple, causing the female to blush beneath her fur.

The two roommates then enjoyed the movie together, anxious to see what the rest of the day had in store for them.


So, what do you guy’s think? Did you like it?

Please leave a comment!
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See that guy, he's a drifter! But drifting leads to Bickering, Bickering leads to Karate, and Karate leads to flying around between windows and shit! Then a big guy starts shooting lightning everywhere and Kurt Russell Shows up and Kicks his Ass!
I just read the two stories and their great dude! I now declare you my personal writer monkey, so get to work. But in all seriousness(read as an emotion that I can do.) their fantastic.
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MOOOAAARR!!! I enjoyed this very much hahaha hurry and write more!! x3
Oh and for crit now.
I was a little worried about how fast Maahes warmed up to the new character. Er, the rest of the story was great, but it went a little too fast with the two. But then again, I'm just not used to stories where the characters warm up to each other so fast.
nice story ^.^ its always funny to see how a too calm guy reacts to a bubbly emotional girl XD
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Alright... So um... yeah. Some decisions have been made about this story. A few changes are in order. I'll list them here.

1. A few edits need to be made to Ren's character design. She is going to be edited in with cyan eyes and hair, and digitigrade legs.
2. The series is going to be renamed to suit the new situation. I plan on adding a new *edited out because this isn't a spoiler* so I need the change. Just a heads up.
3. Maahes is gonna live in a house now. The rent agreement will change.
4. Maahes' media set-up is going to be enhanced greatly. Not to unrealistic levels, but it will be enhanced to a degree.

Otherwise, the story will continue as I see fit. Thanks to Digimon Crazy for inspiring me to make these edits and to begin writing again.
[Image: Rainbow_Dash_haters_gonna_hate.gif]

See that guy, he's a drifter! But drifting leads to Bickering, Bickering leads to Karate, and Karate leads to flying around between windows and shit! Then a big guy starts shooting lightning everywhere and Kurt Russell Shows up and Kicks his Ass!
Yay some light edit and a possible continuation ^.^ And i am glad to have inspired you, especially since i have let my work die (after I just became an author at that). Well cant wait to see what happens next so gl on writing :)
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How the heck did I miss this for so long?! This i's awesome! ^^ the smexy potential i's through the roof! :w00t: ps I here skunettes have a large, variegated, and creative sex drive Twisted
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