SaGa Frontier Magic revision
I don't really know where to put this. I was revising and adding magic spells in a document conceiving if SaGa Frontier was remade. In the original game, most magic classes were very useless while others (See: Time Magic) were insanely broken. I reworked the spells to be a little more well-rounded, balanced, and useful. For the hell of it, I even added a few of my own (listed in bold). Just about all the spells have been revised. Names in parentheses are the old or original names. I currently have no ideas for Evil, Life, and Mirage magic, mainly because they are so limited, and because Mirage Magic is essentially PhantasmShot made its own magic class.

And just in case you are wondering, magic spells in SaGa Frontier are generally passive and very unconventional. In order words, don't expect Final Fantasy-style attacks like Thunder, Fire, and Blizzard.

• Light Magic: Offensive/Healing Support magic
o Sun Ray: Normal Light Magic attack. Causes critical damage to undead and creatures with Death Synthesis. Heals plants and creatures with Photosynthesis. Gathers photons.
o Starlight Heal: Heals one ally. Can recover unconscious characters. Drains photons.
o Flash Fire: Radius attack. Attack strength diminishes the further away the enemy is. Critical hit on plants.
o Solar Gate (FlashFlood): Instantly kills undead/humans/flying creatures, but experience is not gained. Mechs are not affected. Drains photons.
o Solar Flare: Area attack. Deals fire damage to enemies. Critical hits on undead/humans. Mechs take half damage. Gathers photons.
o Light Sword: Creates a sword for the caster for the rest of the battle. Drains photons.
o Sunrise: Heals all allies. No effect on unconscious characters. Gathers photons.
o Supernova (MegaWindblast): Damages all enemies. Super power boost to plants and creatures with Photosynthesis. Gathers photons.

• Shadow Magic: Offensive/Draining magic
o Power Drain (PowerGrab): Absorbs HP and drains STRength. Deals damage to caster if target is undead or creature with Deathsynthesis. No effect on Mechs.
o Shadow Net: Drains QUIckness of all enemies with a 20% chance of causing Paralysis. Drains photons.
o Illusion (HideBehind): Confuses enemy with an afterimage, lowering DEFense and evasion. Drains photons.
o Dark Sphere: Heavy damage on a single target. Drains WILl and PSYche. Drains photons.
o Shadow Double (ShadowServant): Sacrifices 25% of the caster’s Max HP to create a double that mimics the caster’s actions. Double is destroyed after 4 turns or if it takes damage equal to 25% of the caster’s Max HP. Drains all photons.
o Soul Grab: Drains STRength and WILl from all allies. No effect on undead/creatures with Deathsynthesis and Mechs.

• Rune Magic: Support/Defensive magic
o Victory Rune: Raises one allies’ attack power
o Vitality Rune: Adds Regen to one ally.
o Hide Rune: Raises evasion for all allies for 4 turns.
o Freedom Rune: Makes target immune to physical status effects for the rest of the battle.
o Wall Rune: Makes target immune to projectiles/ranged attacks for the rest of the battle.
o Dwarf Rune: Severely lowers an enemy’s attack power.
o Soul Rune: Raises all stats on caster. Lose 1 LP in four turns if the battle doesn’t end.
o Stasis Rune: Freezes caster and target for 4 turns, making them immune to all damage and status effects.
o Seal Rune: Seals enemy magic.
o King Rune: Damage dealt to the caster is split between all allies in a 5:1 ratio.
o Beast Rune: Calculates STRength to raise DEFense.

• Arcane Magic: Offensive/Support magic
o Saber Card: Deals damage to a single target.
o Shield Card: Increases all allies’ DEFense.
o Grail Card: Makes an ally immune to all mental status effects for the rest of the battle.
o Gold Card: Damages all enemies based on amount of money. May cause humans to flee the battle, losing 5-10% of money.
o Fool Card: Reduces all allies’ and enemy’s damage by 75% for 4 turns.
o Magician Card: Casts a random low to mid-level spell at the end of every turn.
o Death Card: Instantly kills one monster. Caster loses 1 LP if the spell fails.
o Tower Card: Caster expends all JP in one huge attack. Damage is calculated on amount of JP the caster has.
o Chariot Card: Raises QUIckness of all allies.
o Hermit Card: All physical damage dealt by/to the target greatly reduced for 4 turns.
o Priest Card: Increases WILl for one target.

• Realm Magic: Offensive/Defensive status magic
o Energy Chain: Deals damage to one enemy. Paralysis effect if WILl is 45+.
o Implosion: Deals heavy damage to one enemy. Chance to instant kill. Heat-based attack.
o Psychic Armor: Greatly increases VITality and PSYche for one ally.
o Psychic Prison: Magic spells cast by the target will backfire.
o Vermillion Sand: Deals damage to all enemies. Blind effect on organic/non-undead monsters.
o Explosion: Deals heavy damage to all enemies. Heat based attack.
o Energy Blast: Deals moderate damage to single target.
o Psychic Edge: Increases STRength and WILl for self.

• Mind Magic: Support/Defensive self magic
o Meditate (Mindheal): Caster skips next turn. All damage to caster is multiplied x1.5 and cannot dodge/evade during that time. Heals all caster’s HP and eliminates mental status effects at the end of the next turn.
o Ward (Spellbound): Causes Paralysis on single target. Always effective on undead. Ineffective on humans/mechs.
o Spirit Wave (Lifewave): Calculates caster’s Max HP, VITality and PSYche into damaging one target.
o Awakening: Raises all caster’s stats: skill costs are doubled for 4 turns.
o Mind’s Eye: Increases caster’s STRength and Accuracy. Monsters cannot block attacks by caster for 4 turns.
o Soul Divide: Caster splits 50% of their remaining HP between all allies with less than max HP. Cannot revive unconscious allies. Ineffective on Mechs. Caster’s turn comes last.

• Mystic Magic: Offensive/Defensive magic
o Seduce (Fascination): Charm single enemy. If CHArm +70, charms all enemies. Always effective on opposite sex. Ineffective on undead/mechs.
o Phantom Blast (PhantasmShot): Summons a phantom beast: may cause status effects. Creature summoned calculated by the caster’s WILl and INTelligence.
o Mystic Shield (GlassShield): Creates a shield on one ally that lowers physical damage and lasts for the rest of the battle. The shield causes damage to enemies that physically attack the ally calculated by the caster’s WILl, PSYche, and CHArm.
o Shade (MirrorShade): Creates a shadow of a random ally. Shadow inherits 33-50% of duplicated ally’s stats, equipment, and equipped skill set. Attacks randomly. Cannot duplicate Mechs. Cannot cast high-level magic spells.
o Siphon: Deals heavy damage to organic/non-undead targets. Caster absorbs 40% HP equal to damage dealt. Ineffective on Mechs. Deals damage to caster if target is undead or creature with Deathsynthesis.

• Space Magic: Offensive/Support magic
o Vapor Blast: Deals heavy damage to single target. Cold-based attack.
o Deep Impact: Deals massive damage to all allies and enemies. Critical hit on mechs.
o Neutron Storm: Deals heavy damage to all enemies. Critical hit on mechs. Heat-lightning-based attack.
o Void Shot: Deals massive damage to single target. Cannot be blocked. Drains photons.
o Gravitation: Gathers photons, healing all allies and increasing magic power. Available solar particles depends on location and number of times Light and Shadow Magic are used. Deathsynthesis locations cut power in half. Photosynthesis locations multiply power x1.5.
o Photon Blast: Deals heavy damage to single target. Heat-based attack. Gathers photons.

• Time Magic: Support magic
o Temporal Delay (TimeLeap; DelayOrder): Makes target’s turn last. Second to last if a character is using Soul Divide or Meditate.
o Quantum Displacement (TimeTwister): Target ally attacks twice. Consumes twice as much WP/JP. Consumes three times as much WP/JP if combined with Time Warp.
o Time Paradox (ChaosStream): Deals heavy damage to single target and causes random status effects.
o Time Warp: Target ally attacks next.
o Overdrive: Caster gains 7 free turns. Drains all WP/JP. If caster uses Stasis Rune, they are removed from the battle, and all their WP/JP are drained afterwards.
o Temporal Displacement: Random ally repeats attack at random in future turns. No high-level spells. Recasting changes the attack.

• Evil Magic: Offensive magic

• Life Magic: Support magic

• Mirage Magic: Offensive magic
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Whew! That's a lot of abilities! I liked most of them. Was drawn to Awakening, I like the huge benefit in exchange for a huge penalty. Like a trumph card! They always make battles fun.

I've a suggestion for Mirage Magic but I dunno if it's applicable. If there's EVAsion/ACCuracy, why don't you make magic that has a Blink effect like in FF? Or maybe create several Shadowclones-like things to absorb damage (With zero resistance but with full HP)?

And I dunno what Evil Magic would do. Probably would abuse that "Deathsynthesis" thing that you've been mentioning.

Life Magic should allow you to revive and to cast cheap stuff like Auto-Life XD
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First off, Mar, you are right about Life Magic. There is already a Life Magic spell to automatically revive characters that are knocked out. The reason why most of my healing revisions (particularly the multi-target spells) don't heal unconscious people is because it would be FAR too imbalanced. Other than those, normal healing potions are able to revive unconscious characters (except for mechs, which can only be healed with repair kits).

Second, Evasion and Accuracy in the normal game are not visual stats, but they are still calculated as one. Maybe in a revision they could be their own stat.

Third, Deathsynthesis is a passive monster skill that allows the monster to regenerate in places filled with death or decay, like a sewer, crypt, or graveyard. It's not a magic spell.

Fourth, Mirage magic is currently an all offense attack. Like I said before, it's basically Phantom Blast made its own magic class. The phantoms cause damage to single targets with an added status effect.
  • Black Cat: Mess
  • Nightmare: Sleep
  • Jackal: Venom
  • Cockatrice: Petrify
  • Reaper: Death

I can only think of two other phantoms right now, but no additional status change to go with them.
  • Phoenix
  • Dragon

Evil magic is VERY USELESS. The current spells deal damage and stun, with one of them basically being a copy of the Death Card. Long story short, this is a magic class that would need to be HEAVILY revised.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is that in order to get the mid and high level spells in the magic classes, you need to first acquire the gift, and the process in doing so is different for each class.

Light and Shadow magic requires you finish a small dungeon first.

Arcane and Rune magic has you do a huge runaround across the world finding runes and gathering cards.

Time and Space Magic are only known exclusively by the Time Lord, Kylin, and Blue by killing whichever one was unfortunate enough to cross the formers.

Mind magic makes you enter a staring contest with Buddha to gain the gift.

The gift for Mystic magic is exclusive to mystics.

Realm magic is exclusive to mages born and raised in the Magic Kingdom.

Evil Magic is (for now) exclusive to Zozma.

Life Magic is exclusive to Blue/Rouge (after their battle).

Mirage magic is (for now) exclusive to Princess Rei.
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No super-villain can resist the temptation of a Walking Eye.