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Anime You Dislike (And why?)
(05-12-2011 11:02 PM)Luxord Wrote: Harem Animes are just TOO DAMN obvious... and it always has that type of characters to satisfy people's likings so meh xD
Yes. That's the point. Even my parody of the Harem genre has characters named in the script as, "the childhood friend" or "the loli who's actually 18" or "the hot teacher". Or more famous, "the tsundere".

(05-13-2011 08:59 AM)Psycho Backlasher Wrote: In R+V, it's just ridiculous. Tsukune, the main character, to me, is an asshole. Everyone KNOWS he only has eyes for Moca. Everyone KNOWS they're gonna be together. Why doesn't he just tell the other girls it's not gonna happen instead of leading them around?

I'm quite fond of the snow girl though, the one with the stripes stockings. XD
Harem ending. That's how it will end, there's no way around it.
Best part is, all he has to do for two of them is knock them up.
They need kids badly so, no problem. And one is loli so no go for a couple of year with her. the other witch might just be happy with a frequent lay every so often. Simple, see.

And who the F doesn't like Mizore? No. Really. She's pretty much the favorite of not Mokas. I like her, you like her, many, many others like her, she's just hot and awesome. She may even beat out a legal witch who wants you to tie her and up and beat her.

...I've read a ton of fics...

But really, I think she's the favorite. Of most at least.
Yeah... I also like that she always has a lollipop in her mouth. X3 It's like, one of my (many) fetishes. Luckily, Tsukune's doomed to end up with Moka, so more single Mizore for us. Maybe she ends up with Kuromi- er- I think her name's Kuromi. The suck-a-bus?
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Oddly enough, she could probably do that. Or the chrome off of a truck hitch.

And there's a whole village of snow women. You can find your own.
Go find a Succubus too. They need men.

I get the important ones. And it's Kurumu.