Advice please?
It's been a while since the last time I draw something but since Mar bothered me to draw Dot the other day I kinda felt like start drawing again, so I would like for advice in how to paint my sketches. I feel a little color would make my pictures better.
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Use either photoshop or colorful color pens, or color pencils.
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Well here is the thing, with painting "sketches" you may have a problem. You might as well try inking it if it ish traditional media and if not online spruce it up with an ink in a new layer and try cell shading for starters on both traditional and computer created graphics.

Start with colored pencils and remember that when your trying to draw using the median remember that flow is going to be an issue, meaning once you color in circles, remain doing so. It will help big time with the entire piece.

In digital using the paint-bucket or fill too can be your friend as long as your ink lines connect. Noted that if you using black as your base you may using a type of sand grain/sand light brown in the background or find a very nice texture for the background and switch it to multi-layer. It can give you some pretty cool results.

*Wags and arfs* I hope this helps. ^^

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