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Author note: This is grandphoenix91, here again with another story--but, it's a first for me. It's a first for me, because it's my first attempt at a lemon-based story with a digimon character and human characters. The story you are about to read, contains the following: drug use(heroin, cocaine, weed,lsd tabs), minors having sex, and moderate levels of profanity. Please be aware of the content and be advisised, that this story is not for all ages. I do not support the actions of this story; the story is a work of fiction and not of on actual events, though, its a commentary to the age it takes place. The character, Ari Paffgen--Boulogne, is based on a real life person, though, it's loosely based on the actual person.

Italics are for lyrics and emphasis for certain words.

Song List:
Tuesday Afternoon-Moody Blues(0:00-2:15)
The Needle and The Damage Done-Neil Young
My Cherrie Amour-Stevie Wonder
Get Off My Cloud-The Rolling Stones
See Me, Feel Me/Listening To You-The Who
A/N: As always, I do not own the songs nor do I profit from them. I state so I would not sued by a record label or song writter.

"Living It Up"
by grandphoenix91
April 1, 1970

Two boys gathered around a red-orange psychedelic lava-lamp in the small, dark room, while under the influence of LSD tabs. The room they occupied was barely lit; the room was decked with psychedelic posters from the local rock venues in the town--Fillmore West, Cow Palace, and the Winterland Ballroom.

The boys were similiar in age and height, yet had one principal difference from each other. One boy, who was seated on the left of the lava lamp, was an angelic boy named Lucemon, who had fled from his own world, and saught peace on Earth. Lucemon, a short, barefoot,skinny fair-skinned blonde angelic boy who adorns a white toga, with a mulitude of thick, white wings and gilded rings on his limbs. As soon as he arrived on Earth, Lucemon began to assimilate into the lifestyle of young humans, that he had befriended. Of the things he had pratice--and still pratices, was the use of pscychdelic drugs(namely LSD), "free love", opiates, attending concerts at the Fillmore, and demonstrating against the ongoing war in Vietnam.

On the right, a boy, aged around 10 to 12 possibly, fair-skinned, short brown spiked haired, adorned with various psychedelic furs of various colors and beads around his neck, and was barefooted as Lucemon. He wore a light blue satin shirt, and black shorts. His name is Ari Paffgen-Boulogne--the young son to former Velvet Underground singer Nico--and has befriended Lucemon since January of 1970, while he was at a Grateful Dead concert at the Fillmore West; where, he been doing an array of psychedelics. While his famous mother is out on tour on the road, Ari would be alone at his San Francisco house in Haight-Ashbry. Throughout the past 4 months, the two boys had been either going to the town for a rock show, using an array of drugs(heroin, LSD, DMT, or weed) or seeking "tail." A hunt for "tail", would always result in for the boys to some "free love" from the local girls of their age, who would always leave them feeling satisified. Today, Ari pondered in his mind whilst in the midst of another acid trip, if he wanted to be satisfied

While they were in the midst of acid trips, music began to be played from the dim lit from small turntable.A tune circulated throughout the room:

Tuesday Afternoon....
I'm just beginning to see.

Ari spoke , "Man, I so tripped out right now with this acid and this music is fucking awesome. All the colors in the lava lamp are all swarming my hands and feet, I can see a pink elephant right near me. I thought I saw Anastasia near me. Man, I wanted to fuck her right now. Hold are you feeling, Luce?

Lucemon, who was in a somewhat daze from the acid trip. , replied. "I'm just taking in the trip, I see"--glances at his expanded eyes a swarm of psyedelic imagery--"see myself in space and riding up a spiral of infinite colors and shapes. And, also I see strange creatures and beings."

Something calls to me. The trees are drawing me near. I've got to find out why...

Those gentle voices I hear... explain it all with a sigh....
(end of "Tuesday Afternoon")

Ari laughed. "Dude, your more fucking tripped out than me."
A minute later, Ari pondered an idea to announce to his friend."Enough of this trip, now. I've been craving a fix of China white smack. You want a fix of China white, I have a stash of some of the finest smack that money can fucking buy. Aftewards, we can get some chicks and fuck.

"This trip is a bore now, Ari. I didn't you had a stash of smack--here. Where did you get it from?"asked the angelic boy.

"I just get it from the money, which I get from mother. My mother gets a shit load of money from her live concerts and also royalties from the Velvet Underground album; she gives him a percentage of her money. I just spent it mostly on acid, cocaine, smack, and what ever the hell I want to do with it. He laughs. "My mother knows what I do with and knows I use, but she has her drugs she uses. Oh, by the way , what happend to those other friends you met, do they still call me a fucking junkie. They said I was loser, but they are wrong. I'm not a junkie; I just explore my body's own limits with what I experiement--experiment with substances. Anyway--moving from that--you want some China White?"

"Yeah, give some of that smack. I've been craving it for a while, now. Of what you said of my former friends, you are right, they are wrong about you. They don't appreciate experimenting."

Ari got from the carpet of the room and walked up to a small table which was filled with various bags of cocaine and China White and various neddles. Ari reached for a bag of the perious China white, and lastly, picked up needles, which were needed to embrace the great high. He returned to the original spot, that he had been with the angelic boy.

Lucemon held a look of want in his face, which was for the want to shoot up to smack. He quickly pulled the needle out of Ari's hand, and frantically waited for the smack to be dispense out of the white bag. "Hurry up! I want to shoot up, now !" Lucemon yelled out to Ari. Finally, Ari followed the angelic boy's order and just tore the bag, which resulted in a snow of white on the table beside.

Lucemon loaded the needle with the white powder from the table, and quickly proceded to shoot up. He moved his white toga right now, to find a good spot on his skinny soft white arm and scavenging a good mark.
("The Needle and the Damage Done"-Neil Young)
Meanwhile, Ari looked on a beside to do the exact same thing. Ari pulled he sleeve of his shirt back and found a spot on his arm to shoot up to. He grasp the neddle filled with pure China white , he quickly made the shot into his white arm.

I caught you knocking at my cellar door.

Small blobs of blood gushed from his arm, yet he enjoyed ever part of it. He didn't cry or shriek from the little stab he done himself; no, he just enjoyed every second of it.

I love you baby can I have some more. Ooh, Ooh, the damage done....

Now, Lucemon followed suit and proceeded to shoot-up, just as his friend did.

I hit the city and I lost my band. I watched the needle take another man. Gone, gone, damage done.

He quickly shot up in his arm, which resulted with torrents of blood gushing out from his little white arm. Just as Ari, Lucemon smiled as he saw the satifaction, that he himself attributed to.

I've seen the needle

and the damage done. A little part of it in everyone.

The two boys continuted to experience the joy--and high of the China white , for a few more lingering minutes.

But every junkie's like a setting' sun.

Ari articulated an idea to Lucemon, "Wow, this is some good stuff. Enough of this,let's go get some fucking tail." He spoke in a joyful, playful manner. Ari reached for the door. and headed to into town, in search for some female companions. Lucemon followed Ari, and the two departed from the house in Haight-Ashbry.

Ari brushed up his hair, and fixed up his various beads and furs around his neck. In his own opinion, he was trying to make a little impression to the girls he would encounter in town.
The two walked a narrow sidewalk in Haight-Ashbry, and proceeded into their strolll into town.
As they proceeded into crossing another sidewalk, they encounter some strangers casting their opinions about them.
A woman, around the age of 40 with her young daughter by her side, walked past the duo. The mother held a shock expression as she glanced at the apperance of the two boys. A girl around the age of 10, white, red-hairred, and wearing a pink dress.The daughter asked, "Mom, why are those boys dress that way? Also, did you see that blonde boy?" She paused. "He had marks on his arm with blood in them." The wise mother with her years of experience responded to her daughter, "Melanie, they are drug addicts. That little blonde boy that you glanced at, is a heroin addicat. Their mother proably failed, in her part, in raising them up. They might not look the type--or seem they type as drug addicts, but I'm postive that they are."

Ari turned back to the daughter, and was trying to draw her attention, but to avial no response. "That chick looked fucking hot. I would have totally fucked her, if she wasn't with her mom."

They crossed into another neighborhood--Ashbury Heights. Young female figures outside a small red house staired at them, which were drawing Ari's interest. (A/N:"My Cherie Amour"-Stevie Wonder began to be played around the following scene)
...My cherie amour, lovely as a summer day

Young females around the ages of 13 to 16, 2 in total, blonde and red haired. One of the girls--the blonde one--stuck her tongue and licked her lips out to the boys in a seductive manner.Ari was quickly aroused by this sexual gesture, and he quickly rubbed his croutch.

My cherie amour, distant as the milky way

The Blonde girl spoke, "Well...hello there. My name is Cassie and my friend beside her name is Rachel. You should stay with us...and have fun." . She spoke in a deep, seductive tone, which was arousing Ari more when he heard it.

..You're the only girl my heart beats for
How I wish that I wish you were mine.
He wanted Cassie and her friend. Ari responded. "Yeah, I guess we could have fun, Zoe. My name is Ari and my friend near me is named Lucemon--he's an angelic boy, if you didn't figure that. So, do you girls want have fun here or just want to party inside. I just want your answer, please." He spoke eagerly.

Cassie replied to Ari,"Yes", she spoke seductively, "We can have fun and party. Why don't you boys come inside with us, and we have some real fun. The two boys walked into the small girls, with the door open for the boys to enter. Ari was more than excited and aroused, and just wanted some pleasure.

("Get Off My Cloud"-The Rolling Stones begins to play)
The girls walked to a hallway, and ended their walk into a room--a small room, to be exact. A room of various psychedelic posters and designs on the wall, it smelled of canabis and hasish--or of the two. Pink candles illuminated beside a medium-sized bed. Various opiates and psychedelic laided out on a small table. Music blasting through large speakers.

I live in an apartment on the ninety-ninth floor of my block...

The girls, who were now excited as ever, shouted, "Are you ready..." Imagining the world has stopped...
They quickly removed their clothes before the boys. Ari was excited in his own private place, that he couldn't help himself. Ari rubbed his frontal area with rapid strokes. Even, Lucemon was excited by the rapid disrobeing of the girls.

...I said. Hey! You! Get off my cloud...Don't hang around cause two's a crowd. On my cloud baby...

Two girls now stood naked infront of Ari and Lucemon. At last, Ari slowly removed his clothes; removing his satin shirt, beads and furs , and shorts. He stood there bare skined and just staired in awe of the girls nudity. Ari was rubbing his balls, as the two girls were getting aroused by him mastrubating. Lucemon followed suit and removed his white toga, and stood there bareskinned with the others. The girls glanced at his skinny white naked body, and looked up and down his frontal region. "Ari, your little angel friend has a good body and you too also. Let's see how are in bed," Rachel said.Cassie jumped on the bed and waited for the two to enter it. Finally, all of them were in bed--naked, and ready to have some fun.

Cassie began first by,sucking on the small nipples of Lucemon, which quickly arroused him. Rachel was bitting on the neck of Ari, who was so turned by the satisfaction he was getting. A reddish mark began to appear on Ari's neck. "Do you boys like that" Rachel asked in pleasurable tone. "There is more..."

Rachel proceeded to give Ari head, and she was sucking on his growing white dick. He was getting ready to climax, he could feel the impending apex of his dick. More sucking, and sucking by Rachel . Finally, he couldn't hold in his cum anymore in his dick, and he just let all out, which landed out on the mouth of Rachel. Rahcel licked the remnats of the cum with her tongue and swolled. Both of them were breathing heavy. "Wow...this is fun, you girls really know to fuck", Ari said why looking at the cum on Zoe's face.

"We didn't forget about you, angel boy" Cassie said pleasurly. Casssie slowly stroked the hard dick of Lucemon, who get the best handjob he'd ever received. It was more satisfying than one, he had had from Kathy Bates--the call girl in Mission and Vista street. Rapid strokes around the cock, and finally he shot up his cum on Cassie's hand, who quickly lick it with pleasure. "Did you enjoy that, angel boy?" Cassie asked. "How about you boys, come and fuck us now. Me and Rahcel already gave you hand jobs and blow jobs. Why don't you just fuck us. But first, you must want a little break. How about a little cocaine before you fuck us. It would really give you the energy, to really fuck us. There is some cocaine on the table. Help yourself."

Ari and Lucemon jumped out of the cum-covered bed, and walked to the small table that Cassie mentioned. It had numerous opiates, stimulants, and various questionable drugs. Ari glanced at the cocaine. He quickly got a piece of paper and rolled it up with cocaine, and snorted a line of cocaine which quickly entered his nostrils. He quickly felt a good buzz of energy, to rejuvnate himself. "Your turn" he said to Lucemon. Lucemon quickly did a line of cocaine. Suddenly, both boys felt they had an unlimited amount of satimina and potency, and could fuck any girl they wished. They felt the aderaline and high fromn the cocaine, when they quickly sprinted back in the bed.

Ari went first at Zoe, with thrusting his hard dick into Rahcel's tight pussy. He kept thrusting harder, and harder. Both of them were breathing fast, and were taking in the satifaction of the moment. Lucemon thrusted his white dick into Cassie's pussy, and was breathing harder and was savoring the moment. Both girls were getting arroused and stimulated, and felt they could have an orgasm at any second. Suddenly, they reached their orgasms--both sexes, that is. Cum was splashed all around the bed, and sticked below on their special places.

("See Me, Feel Me/Listening to You-The Who on this following scene)

"The fun isn't over yet, boys. Can you keep working it, boys " Cassie shouted to the boys , "Just don't stop fucking."
See Me
Feel Me
Touch me...

Ari listen to Cassie, and began to suck on the breasts of Cassie, who was begining to get more aroused than ever.

See Me... Feel me. Touch me...Heal me...

Ari quickly moved to her neck, and bit several marks on Cassie's neck. He just kept bitting the neck of Cassie. Cassie felt the excitment and unleashed another orgasm right on the sheets of the cum-soaked bed. Lucemon followed what Ari, and quickly began to have his fun with Rachel, the red head. Ari still continued fucking Cassie as well.

Listening to you, I get the music.

Lucemon sucked and sucked on the white breasts of Rachel, who was getting the best arousal of her life. Rachel moaned in pleasure and raw extacsy. The rapid sucking, was to much for her and she quickly unleashed a waterful of pleasure on the bed. The two were screaming out and breathing hard.

Gazing at you, I get the heat...

But Lucemon didn't stop, he continued on with stroking around Zoe's little special spot, and inserted one finger, then two fingers into Zoe' opening. Zoe screamed out at Lucemon. "Do it....I want it NOW. Lucemon thrusted the fingers hard into Zoe, each going in and out in rapid speed. Zoe felt the build up inside, and quickly gushed a climax out on Lucemon's fingers. "I'm sorry, angel boy. I guess, I had a little accident. You had your accident all ready, so it's not a problem. Let's continue.."

Following you, I climb the mountian... I get the excitement at your feet.

Ari stroked the sensitive area around the nipples of Cassie, who was just getting arroused second-by-second by the movement in her nipples. Csssie gushered out another orgasm on the bed, and sighed. "Yes.. you boys are doing great. Now its me and Rachel's turn again, to fuck you all. It's time to punish you boys--you've been a little bad.

Casssie and Rachel grab the boys down hard on the bed, and carefuly tickled and stroked their chest and balls. Rachel reached for a leather wip near the bed, and wipped both boys in the chests. They moaned in pleasure from the abuse."That's it, yell for me. You've been bad boys, we're going to punish you naughty boys." Rachel wipped them again in the chest, and then at their ass. Ari yelled out a shriek from the onslaught of the wipping, but he enjoyed it. Rachel striked them more harder, but this time it left red welts on the boys' chests and backs.

Right behind you, I see the millions...

The girls sucked the boys dicks in harmony, and the boys quickly cummned in the girls mouths. The bed was full of stickness from the continual sexual activity. Rachel continued to suck the boys, and strike them with the wip on their chests and backs. Rachel quickly paused to catch her breath. Her heart was beating in rapid motion. "All right boys, it your turn again. This time, fuck us like their no fucking tomorrow."

Ari followed suit, and grabbed Rachel's thick white skin, which he held and postioned her chest-down on the bed. He placed himself on top of her, and quickly anal-fucked her. He thrusted his growing cock into Rachel's asshole. Rachel yelled out: "THAT'S IT, ARI. GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ari's heartrate was beating like a train, but he continued thrusting himself more deaper into Rachel. Lucemon who saw the activity, followed suit, and thrusted himself to the back of Cassie. He thrusted his bulging cock to Cassie's asshole. He yelled out, and Cassie also. Both blondes yell out, while in perfect raw exctacy.

Finally, after about another few minutes of intense anal-fucking, all four of them stopped. All four of them were all cummed soaked from between their legs; the bed's sheets were soaked as well. The four youths were breathing deeply, and also were all close together in perfect harmony.

Ari kissed Rachel and Cassie. "You boys, have a good time. You sure know to fuck a girl." Zoe helped Ari clean up the cum stains off of his body. She wipped them out of his dick, by sucking them all out. "There you go, Ari" Rachel said with a smile on her face. He quickly got out of bed, and placed his clothes back on his naked and cum-free body. Lucemon step out of bed, and place his little white toga on his naked body.

"You guys play well. Come back anytime." Cassie said in a pleasurable tone.

"We sure will. If you really want to meet us sometime, just meet us in three weeks at the Fillmore West. Pink Floyd is having a showing on 4/30, we can go to the show and fuck afterwards. What do you girls say?" Ari asked in a persursive manner.

"Sounds interesting. Zoe and I are both fans of Pink Floyd, we can't wait for the show and our next time to fuck. Next time--when we fuck--we'll play More--the soundtrack Pink Floyd did on that French film More."

"Until then, We'll see you later." Ari said. The two boys departed from the house, and walked the long, trek back up to Haight-Asbry. They walked continual up the winding, narrow sidewalks of San Fransisco, and walked back to their original destination.

Author's notes: How do you--the reader--like my lemon story. This was my FIRST attempt at a lemon fic, I know the all the comments would be all thrown at me; I'm ready for it.

I'm not a huge fan of drug use but it added to the setting of the 70's. I enjoyed the insertion of song lyrics through out the story, it gave the lemon a different feeling. Over all....

I like it!
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See that guy, he's a drifter! But drifting leads to Bickering, Bickering leads to Karate, and Karate leads to flying around between windows and shit! Then a big guy starts shooting lightning everywhere and Kurt Russell Shows up and Kicks his Ass!
I've given you my review already, and I'll warn you again here to stop multithreading this story. All future threads of this chapter WILL be deleted without warning.

If you want me to elaborate further, the characters in the story are very painfully one-dimensional. It first starts off with them in awe about how high they are. Then to top it off, they stack some more drugs on it.

Here's a little hint. Don't use slang when narrating unless it's from the perspective of one of the characters. It's proper narrative etiquette.

After they inject themselves with another surge of drugs, they immediately switch their minds to find tail mode. Again, it feels absurdly stilted and robotic.

The sex scene is also very dismal, as it only describes their actions with bland short sentences. When you write a sex scene, you should illustrate sensations and more precise details on what they are doing.


Please work on moving the plot along in a more smooth flow.
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well this story for me is good... i do like it honestly ive read it about 10 times right know!
I think I'm into these types of stories..... so well done :)
Well wonder what would happen if I told everyone who I liked on here a lot!!
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