Sex Magic (One Last Try!)
Alright, so this RP is about a special group of high school students...

These kids mysteriously obtained magic powers at the beginning of the school year. As they learn how to use these powers, the students take sides against each other, with many deciding to use their powers to take control over the others. The other students work to stop them.

Although these powers are great and vary between the students, they all share one thing in common.

They must be recharged through sexual acts.

The powers can range from elemental to joke powers that can be midly useful but completely hilarious. Try not to be over the top though, with something like "kills with sight" or something...

Basically, the RP involves how the students go about their school days, trying to fit in their recharges and normal lives while also dealing with the opposite side of the student body.

Other students without powers also become involved, although many do not know of the powers. The teachers are also kept out of the loop.

The evil faction is known as the WarLocks, a group bent on world domination. You don't have to be allied with them to be evil, but they're the organized syndicate.

Power (If applicable):
Alliance: (Good or Evil)
Specifics of Recharge:
Physical Description:

Here's mine for example:

Name: Megan Ankim
Age: 16
Power: Can control water with the wave of her hand. Able to make it rain or even cause tidal waves.
Alliance: Good

Specifics of Recharge: Power replenished through orgasm. Full recharge for intercourse, half recharge for masturbation. Becomes hornier the longer she goes without a recharge.

Description: A young thin girl of medium height. Long straight red hair, blue eyes. Wears a white short-sleeved T-shirt and blue plaid skirt. Knee-high dark blue socks and black shoes.

Personality: Megan is impulsive, being quick to rush into a situation without thinking. She has tendency to get angry for mild things, but is also easily seduced by hot guys. The angrier she gets, the hotter the water she controls becomes.

Name: Lex Art
Age: 16
Power: Erection Control - Can change the size of his penis at will.
Alliance: Good
Specifics of Recharge: Power replenished through orgasm. Full recharge for intercourse, half recharge for masturbation. Becomes hornier the longer he goes without a recharge, and begins to loose control of his power.

Description: Lex is a tall, moderately built teenager. He has short red hair and wide brown eyes (like a deer in headlights). He's wearing a dark blue, short-sleeved shirt, a pair of gray cargo shorts and black sneakers.

Personality: Lex is pretty much a genius, having a much greater understanding of how his ability and others' work. Lex is more of a follower, preferring to let other people make choices for him. He doesn't get angry very often, so when he does he basically explodes. He's a little embarassed by his power, but makes use of it as an extendable weapon.


1. Human characters only.
2. Sex can not be had during class. One must excuse theirselves (and their partner) from class first. Masturbation can be done in class though.
3. Teachers will be portrayed by anyone willing to act as them in a scene, not counting people trying to be excused.
4. All the basic rules, no killing other members' characters without their permission....

Not all of the students in this school have powers; most are oblivious. The teachers are also oblivious to the powers and recharging.

Students without powers may, however, know about someone else's powers, be involved in the recharging process, and be used by any member involved.

Just thought I'd give this one last try, since both of the previous ones died....

Give this RP a chance people!
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Name: Kaihlynn Sierra
Age: 16
Power (If applicable):
Touch of Pain: When she is using this power, anyone touching Kaihlynn's is subjected to extreme agony, spread from the point of contact. If contact is not broken it will eventually spread through their entire body.
Touch of pleasure: As with touch of pain, but instead causes intense pleasure. If contact is held long enough, orgasm can be achieved without any real sexual contact. Kaihlynn can only use one of these powers at a time. And neither can be used on herself.
Alliance: Good

Specifics of Recharge: Recharge is achieved though orgasm, though it makes no distinction between actual intercourse or masturbation. The drawback to this is that she must recharge more often than most, at least once every two days even if she doesn't use her powers, If she goes longer than this, her powers fade away within another day, and can only be regained through multiple orgasms in a short time.

Physical Description:Five feet three inches tall, slender build. Long blonde hair, green eyes, soft and pale skin. A fairly impressive bust for her size. (30C) 28 inch waist, firm curvey buttocks.
Personality: Kaihlynn has always been the quiet shy one in school. Smarter than most of the class, but she rarely shows it, prefering to keep the attention away from her in most situations. Now that her powers have awakened however, she has become much more interested in gaining a very specific kind of attention. Wearing tighter clothing, and growing more outspoken in her attempts to gain it.
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Name: Holly White
Age: 16
Power (If applicable): Telekinesis, vectors (Yes, I know Elfen Lied uses them, but they are so cool!)
Alliance: (Good or Evil): Middle? (has worked for both from time to time)
Specifics of Recharge: Must be with a guy, the more guys at once the better... Or masturbation... at least once a day, the more the better
Physical Description: Pale skin, bright almost silver-blue eyes, black hair that falls to her hips and ends in loose curls. She has a pentagram star cut scar on her lower back. Chest size: C Height: 5'2"
Personality: Quiet and unsure most of the time, unless she's fighting. Then she is cool and calculating, almost like a split personality.
Yeah, I really liked Elfen Lied too.

Name: Jonas Harper
Age: 16
Power: None
Alliance: I would like to be neutral unless swayed to either side as time goes on.

Physical Description: An unassuming young man, standing roughly 5'11. His hair is a dark brown with eyes of a very pale blue, almost gray. His usual mode of dress is fairly conservative, with short sleeved polo shirts and long khaki pants of varying coloration combined with sneakers.

Personality: Jonas is a quiet individual, seemingly caring only for himself and those he calls friends and family. He is by no means shy, though he doesn't speak unless he feels he has something to say and contribute. Because of this he often blends in and takes those around him by surprise. He like to have fun with this, hiding and spooking people when he finally pipes up. Emotionally he is very restrained, showing very little, it can be a bit unnerving at times when the person he speaks to is expecting more of a response out of him.
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Name: Havok knightwood
Power: cause a mild explosion at will from contact with hands, can also set a timer on when the explosion is going to happen.
Alliance: Evil
Specifics of Recharge: full recharge from orgasm, half recharge from masturbation. the hornier he is the more blood thirsty and insane he becomes.
Physical Description: eyes, red. hair, black. wears black denim jeans and a dark red t shirt, also wears a blood red trench coat and is always reading a book titled "Anarchy and You"
Personality: A sociopathic anarchists to-be and likes to fight(and is also usually the one to cause them), highly intelligent and is a pyromaniac.
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Name: Yumi Kelly
Age 17
Wind: Can use the wind to move herself to places and to push people away from here
Alliance: Good and Evil
Specifics of Recharge:Full recharge from orgasum, half rechange from masturbation. Sometime she cant control herself and forces herself onto the male.
Physical Description: Height 5 foot 5 and weight is slim. Light blonde hair that goes down to her back, light blue/green eyes. Breast size is D becoming close to a DD.
Personality: She is a undicided girl, she likes hanging around with boys mostly. She also likes having a chat and she is also likes to flirt with boys a lot.
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