Need your help again.
Choosing your one true place.

By Ryan Cruey

Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights to lilo & stitch. The rights too the show and characters in this story are owned and copyrighted by Disney. I had a since of imagination and wanted to make something out of it for a fan base. Don’t sue me. I got nothing you could use as payment or even profit wise if you do. No benefits in other words. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: Going to burn for the trouble I have cause you.

tip tap tip tap The sound of footsteps came down the hall. A man that looks to be in his late twenties in walking down this long hallway with doors on the left and right sides of him. He passes door after door looking for a specific number. He finally finds the door he was looking for and opened it. A big gust of smoke came out of this door. On the other end of the door a Scientist turns to see two red circles flare in the room. He jumped back, but the man chuckled happily.

“Its good to see you to.” Remarked the somewhat masked man. “Do you not recognize me Abrams?” The man asked to the scientist. Abrams grabbed his chest and started to breath deeply.

“Damn it Cruel! You almost gave me a heart attack! What’s with the get up anyway?” Abrams asked looking at him odd. Cruel wore a lot of black for some reason. Black jeans with a no sleeve shirt. A trench coat with a pair of red john lemming glasses, a bandana that covered the top of his head. A bandaged up portion of his head underneath the bandana. Another bandana covering his mouth and chin. Black fingerless gloves. He looked like a maniac. All he could do is chuckle.

“No one can see my face. If they did you know I would have to kill them, thus would leave some severe casualties.” Mr. Cruel said to Abrams. “But enough with the formalities Abrams, what is this experiment you where telling me about in that letter you sent me?” Abrams, with a flat hand presented towards a tube with green plasma and said

“Ta-da!” Mr. Cruel tilted his head. He saw a 4 foot 5 sized furry looking creature. It looked familiar to him.

“Hey…. That looks like Stitch. Just a lighter blue. Almost like a sky blue.” Mr. Cruel said intrigued too Abrams.

“Correct my friend! This is just the same DNA pattern as stitch. You see my friend is Dr. Jumba. You know him right?” Mr. Cruel nodded. “You see me and him made a deal. He heard why you got banished from the eastern side of the United States. He understood your goal. So he gave me the idea to create her.” Pointed to the experiment. “She is going to be completely evil and help you with your evil deeds!” Mr. Cruel laughed and shook his head. He didn’t want anyone to be his partner in crime. He wanted more or a friend or a partner to help with off the job things. But not for them to kill the people he does.

“Abrams. You know as much as I do I don’t want anything evil to help me. I wanted a partner to be with me and help me with off the job type things. Nothing more than that.” Mr. Cruel reached inside his coat and pulled out a desert eagle and aimed it at doctor Abrams. “I am a fair man, you know this. So if you change her programming to become a better experiment and be formal and nice. Almost like an everyday human being, I wont pull this trigger leaving a big bullet hole in your head. Deal?” Dr. Abrams had sweat trickling down his forehead. He turned to the console that was connected to the tube and typed in something. It chimed indicating something was changed.

“Done.” He sighed then frowned a bit. “Although she won’t be evil. I want you to teach her how to deal with people. Teach her how to love the right people or not. Your choice. But R-… I mean Mr. Cruel I want you to take care of her. She will give a report back to me every three months.” He said putting his hand flat on the tube. “She will be worth it trust me. I think you’ll love her.” He smiled. It has been a while since Mr. Cruel had ever seen him smile. It felt unsetting to him. Mr. Cruel put the gun back inside his coat and looked back at the tube.

“I hate to speed meetings up, but I need to know. How long until she is fully developed and finished?” Abrams looked at the console and back at Mr. Cruel.

“She is ready now. So if you want, we can start draining the tube.” Mr. Cruel had nodded already. He was a little more excited than Dr. Abrams had expected. “Alright then. Lets get this over with.” He typed something into the console again and an alarm started going off. The test tube started to slowly open with green ooze pouring out of the bottom opening. After a little bit the tube finally fully emptied. Cruel and Abrams stood there as the blue creator leaned on the circular flooring of the canister gasping for air. It slowly raised its head coughing a little bit. It looked at Abrams and Cruel. It jumped to its feet growling. Abrams backed up slowly. But Cruel stepped in front of Abrams.

“You know. I like anger in some people. But we are not here to fight. We are here to befriend you. Your name is Sarah. Experiment 630.” Mr. Cruel said formally as possible. The creature was stunned. Not by the sudden name. But the fact Mr. Cruel was staring directly into her eyes not budging a single muscle. With blood red eyes. No Iris, no pupil. Just red circles.

“Bl-b-blood r-red e-e-eyes!” She sputtered out shaking a bit. Mr. Cruel tilted his head a bit. Then realized she was talking about his outfit.

“Abrams shut the door and turn off your cameras. She is scarred of my outfit. I am going to have to show her I mean no harm to her.” Dr. Abrams nodded and quickly ran and shut the lab door tightly locking it. He ran to his desk and touched the console screen shutting down all of his cameras. The humming noise of the computers had stopped. The room was silent. Finally.
“All computers, and cameras are shut off. Doors are locked. Your good to go.” Dr. Abrams said kind of panicking. He was still afraid of the creature.

“Good.” Mr. Cruel said starting to untie the bandana on his head. He pulled it off and threw it on the ground with the bandages and the face covering bandana, and his glasses. His hair was a dark blonde, his eyes where gray, and his face had a scar on the right eye. Other than the one scar he had a clear face. There was barley an expression on his face. There was a glare. That was all he could show as an expression. He slowly walked to the creature and held a hand out.

“Look, I am not going to harm you. I am just an ordinary person wanting to meet you.” The creature looked at him like he was stupid.

“I may have been afraid of those glasses but I am not some stupid caveman!” The creature said to Mr. Cruel. The voice was soft and soothing. It was defiantly a female though. It had just the right tone to show it. “Now I am here going to rip your eyes out if you keep treating me like some little lost puppy!” Mr. Cruel but his hands up and put a fake smile on. It was fake to him. But real to her.

“Sorry!” He said grinning now. He held out a hand. “Mr. Cruel. Or for short Ryan.” The creature looked at his hand and lightly grabbed it. Her hand was soft and gentle. It was the most fragile hand Ryan had felt in a long time. She shook her arm up and down.

“You gave me the name Sarah. So I guess you already know me. But why am I here? Not living of course. But I mean in this place in general?”

“Well, long story short. You were born here.” Ryan said gently. She nodded and accepted that. “Amazing.” Ryan couldn’t have been more amazed. Acceptance of place of birth with no questionable attitude.

“What is?” She asked looking at him with a tilt head. Ryan had thought of a reply to this question already.

“Your beauty. It is very extraordinary. A sky blue with a dark blue belly. Black eyes and a gentle and soft attitude. This is unbelievable. You seem to be perfect.” He said smiling. This time it was real.

If this is really the love I am feeling for her I believe that this could last a lot longer than I thought it was going to. She is perfect. Acceptance. Understanding. Significance. Emotion. She has every aspect of a human being and more. Just like Stitch and his cousins. They all are unique. But this is more emotional for me than anyone else. I think I am no longer a longer alone. Ryan had thought. He looked at her and smiled. She looked back and smiled at him.

A starting point what shall be known as good friendship.


This is the start point in my story. I am wondering if its any good or not. IT seems its more self explanatory than anything. But typing it up on this laptop though is a pain in the ass. So read and tell me what you think of it thus far.
I read it, and ended up drinking three cups of chocolate milk. X3 I'll give you my two cents on it later, when I'm feeling better! XD
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not even a L+S fan....but in all it was a good read. though to be fair i'm dead on my feet. you have a good start indeed.
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(04-28-2010 04:43 PM)fred_18_2008 Wrote: not even a L+S fan....but in all it was a good read. though to be fair i'm dead on my feet. you have a good start indeed.

Alright. Thats all I needed ta know. Thanks buddy!