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Dragonball Kai
I heard the US dub is doin it right this time, with better VA, better lines without the added American cheese, and even some of the Japanese attack names.
I often see it and I saw a few episodes.i have DBZ collection on the Frieza saga which I have compared.Kai seems fabulous although a lot of the 'fillers' were removed so it mainly sticks directly to the storyline does not the first one.
It's pretty good. Surprised Goku got through Snake Way in 2-3 eps.
But I have to say this, The opening is pure anime cheese. The lyrics that is.
I like the new themesong.. It's very catchy.

In regards to japanese attack names.. It was kinda funny to me, in the episode where Piccolo kills Goku and Raditz, he said "Special Beam Cannon" but in the "Last time on Dragon ball Z Kai" segment, he said the japanese attack name.. which I am not even going to try to spell.

I gotta say though, I'm not liking Vegeta's voice in this series.. I miss the old voice.
I am not Toph! I am Melon Lord! Muahahahahaha!

I heard that was the TV version and the Japanese name is always used in the DVD version whenever it comes out. Not a big deal since Piccolo says it maybe 5 times throughout the entire series....

I also heard Sabat is only doing a few voices this time since before he did like 4 or 5 voices all by himself. Off hand I just know he was Vegeta, Yamcha and Piccolo, maybe Mr. Satan, but I'm not sure on that last one.
Some of the filler will be missed but it's so great not to have to wait 7-10 episodes to get to a fight scene which takes 10 episodes to get through.
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They're also dubbing the previews the way it should always have been. It was always with Goku and the characters telling the previews with Gohan at the end, NOT the dumb-ass Dragonball ZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! announcer saying it.