The Greenhouse Gang
This the place to come up with new group ideas? If so, then I happen to have one. The Greenhouse Gang. My focus for this group is...plants! Plant Digimon like Palmon, Floramon, Rosemon, Lilymon, Veggiemon, blah blah blah. We'd talk about 'em, like which is our favorite, why, maybe some ideas what we liked to see involving them, be it art or writing, really just talk, socialize about how aweome plants are. Basically, those who are fans of plant digimon could join this. What'cha say?
[Image: assassins-creed-2.jpg]

The innocent will be spared, the guilty will be killed.
Sacrifices will be made, benefits will be gained.
I am Venin; all opposed will fall to my blade.
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