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Air Gear
Well, my friend and I spent most of last night watching this anime called Air Gear. I thought it was going to be lame, but it turned out to be pretty cool and funny, not to mention entertaining. =3 Of course, I absolutely fell in love with that cute little Akito, especially when he changed into that white dress with the little white wings--I think I almost died, he was just so cute. ^^

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone else has seen this anime?
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Hell yeah! Air Gear is lots of fun. Of course it's full of the usual, from nothing to champ sort of stuff most anime is, but still it has lots of unique flavor to it. The characters are just great, and the techniques and fun things they do with the Air Trek are awesome. Ringo is a total hottie as well.

Ultimately, at the end, the anime dosen't follow the end of the story (there is more manga) which is bitter sweet. It ended before it got too old or drawn out *coughnarutocough* which I thought was a good thing.

I would recommend it for anyone who doesn't take anime too seriously and just wants a decent laugh.

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As I know this is one of the finest anime.It is really very pretty and funny.Akito in this anime in white dress with the little white wings seems very cute.i like her a lot.Any one who seems him in this can fall in love with.