Digital Senshi
Digital Senshi Meaning digital Soldiers!
Is The Idea I had Combing two animes...Sailor Moon And Digimon To Form the digital Soldiers! what do You Think?
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Creative Minds
Care to elaborate you're idea a bit further cause is this group would just be about combining two anime's into one? etc.etc....

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Creative Minds
Protip: you need more than a cool sounding group. You need plans, you need activities, you need something that will grab people's attention. me. Sailor moon aint "soldiers". As one of the few resident Mercs here, I know. I eat napalm for breakfast and crap out Sabot rounds before I go to bed.

Now, if you're going for a more militaristic group, I know of a few that might help(myself included).
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Bury me with my guns on,
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When making a group you need to have the idea of the group. What it is for. How would you make it to wear all could enjoy it. How active you will have it. ect. You also need 10 people to agree to this group. 2 mods. 1 admin. The rest members. To me it seems to be just a group about sailor moon and digimon. What fun is a group with no real concept? Think it through. Get some cool ideas then try creating it. It's the fun thing about making a group.

My friend Ryan explained this to me. He made my sig. He said he made the "Creative Minds" So I joined. It seems like a nifty group. Even though his main name for his graphics or his little company is called "Creative Mind".