Templar's Quest
Mian Wrote:What a drag. You know i like your RPs Magus, and there haven't been any new ones in a while.
I did say I'd make another one and by closing it I did promise... so here it is...
The Templerate is a mighty army forged by the hands of the Church to enforce holy law. These "divine" knights go by many names, Templars, Paladins, Retribution, but never Saviors. They pull strings behind the scenes, controlling the five great kingdoms. Torr is kingdom of earth, Fierus is the kingdom of fire, Aether is the kingdom of wind, and Shivv is the kingdom of water. The final kingdom, otherwise known as the Capital of Light, is the ruling kingdom of Regal. Rightly named, this mighty kingdom is full of the priests and holy knights of grandeur and nobility. However, due to this you must have an extremely expensive (usually earned for great deeds) pass into the kingdom, and all other kingdoms are several hundred miles away, you live in a small village far from the other kingdoms, yet close to the Capital. Due to this poor location, the village as well is also poor. You are slaves caught by the Templerate during a war again the "Abnormals" or what we call furries. These are creatures born of a druid mother and animal father. Due to your vastly superior abilities (this is how you can be stronger than the average soldier and make sense still) to a human, you have been forced to train and study the Sacra Bell (Holy book of the Sacra Religus (religion of the church)) all your life. You have finally completed your training and are now tasked with your first mission. Hunt an kill the heretic Zex, a paladin that had defected to the rebellion group Sacra Fell. The name meaning "The Sacred Fallen".

--Once again, before I post up character sheets and such, I'd like at least three people to speak up and say they want to join. As usual, I'll offer many classes and several races (any furry is allowed that IS NOT DRAGON OR A WATER-ONLY DWELLER (i.e. shark))
well I do want to join
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I wanna join also! But, uhm, do you have to be a furry?

all i ever wanted was the world.

Technically you can be any of the races but human (elf is basically the same as human physically and mentally but has magic and can't wield the insane weapons SOME (STRETCH SOME) humans can)
Baww, and I was going to join as my dragon self. Oh well, guess I can work ways around it and still fit myself in :3
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You can be a lizard, you just can't have the wings and you can't call yourself a Dragonite (yeah, they exist but due to some story issues you can't be one) You can just be a lizardman xD
Hmm. Well since my dragon really doesn't have wings anyway, could class him under lizard pretty easily. So... okay, I'm in then! >:3
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Shadow Dragon Pack (SDP)
Renamon's Army
Veemon's Followers
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Tomorrow, or later... I'll update it and add the classes and all that tech bs.
Okay... I'm friggun sleepy.... and I'm annoyed...BUT HERE IT FINALLY IS!

Warrior: Can wield any weapon with great ease, is a good balanced fighter.
(Proficiencies: All)

Knight: A defensive warrior that can use light white magic.
(Proficiencies: Sword, Axe, Claymore, Shield, Towershield)

Beserker: A destroyer and truly dark hearted fighter. Can use light black magic.
(Proficiencies: Sword, Claymore, Rapier, Spear, Dualwield)

Bladmage: Can enchant magic into their sword...
(Proficiencies: Rapier, Sword, Longsword, Greatsword, shield, Magitek Sword, Magitek Greatsword)

Red Mage: Can wield all schools of magic.
(Proficiencies: Rapier, Sword, Knife)

Samurai: Uses bushido to break the guards of enemies.
(Proficiencies: Katana)

Assassin: Uses shadowy arts to kill the opposition quickly and without detection.
(Proficiencies: Katana, Knife, Bow, Kunai)

Archer: Uses a bow to stave off enemies and disarm
(Proficiencies: Bow, Greatbow)

Ranger: Uses all sorts of specialized mid-short range weapons and high speed to take down foes in a hurricane of skills.
(Proficiencies: Crossbow, dagger, throwing knife, kunai)

Gunmage: Fires spells from their guns to add more range, however spell weakens over distance.
(Proficiencies: Gun, Magitek Gun)

Fire Magi: Uses the ceremonial flames of the Phoenix to bring about annihilation.
(Proficiencies: Staff, Flare Staff)

Ice Magi: Uses the ceremonial ice of the Fenrir to bring about annihilation.
(Proficiencies: Rod, Frost Rod)

Magus: Can use the black magic and white magic chantings to destroy platoons at a time...
(Proficiencies: Staff, Magitek Rod, Magitek Sword, Magitek Gun)

Priest: Can heal the user's allies with the help of the Goddess Aurora
(Proficiencies: Staff, Aurora's Staff)

Sylvan Priest: Strikes down foes using the holy lightning of the Goddess Aurora
(Proficiencies: Rod, Aurora's Rod)

Dragonaire: Leader of dragons and the only one to be able to mount a dragon.
(Proficiencies: Lance, Shield)

Defender: A guardian of others, can quickly defend anything and anybody.
(Proficiencies: Longsword, sword, shield, towershield, guardian shield)

Mercenary: Works for money and money alone... has a thing about stealing
(Proficiencies: Sword, longsword, claymore, gun, crossbow, shield)

Character Sheet:
Name: Shoop da whoop!
Secks: Both
Race: (Dwarf, Elf, Dark Elf, Druid, Anthro, and NOT HUMAN): Epicness
Class: DEATH
Weapon: Mah Lazer
BIO (known to allies and enemies): PURE MEME
Appearance: Black and spherical.
Background (unknown to allies and enemies, however does not need to be story based): I go boomy when poked.
You just know i'm joining this XD
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