Mephisto Acadamy. (Rape/BDSM/Slavery rp)
This world is for of all kinds of monsters, things that go bump in the night and things that haunt us, all kinds of monsters exist and all of them are skilled at what they do...but where do these monsters come from? And how did they become so skilled? Enter the Mephisto academy, a school that sculpts and trains the monsters of the world, even humans have been known to come tho these haunted grounds to gain dark power and protect themselves from the dark ones. Here in this academy though, there is no safety, the strong take the weak and the weak serve the strong. it is not a surprise to see a strong monster lead several slaves around on leases. Welcome, new students to the hell known as school, have fun! >:3

Well, as it says up there, this is an rp about demons and humans in a school where they learn all the things they need about the evil lifestyle. furries are allowed and positions for teachers are open. Just pm me about what class you want to teach.

Species: human, demon, or fur
Student/teacher: (if teacher name what class you teach)
Turn ons:
Turn offs:
demonic, magical powers:
Other: (Whatever you want)
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Name: Salema Delicado
Age: 18.
Sex: Female.
Species: Succubus.
Student/teacher: Student.
Turn ons: Somewhat shy and naturally submissive, she lacks the ability to stand up to others and will usually just do as she's told. So feel free to do whatever you want to her. >:3 Though she doesn't admit it she likes when people pull her around by her horns and use them as handle bars.
Turn offs: scat and water sports.
Appearance:¤t=morrigan5.png though instead of wings on her there are a pair of long, thin horns like this
BIO: Once she was a frail human girl who has stumbled upon black majiks and ended up summoning the very queen of the underworld herself! After making a contract with the queen she become the royal family's personal pet, in exchange she gained an immortal, beautiful, and powerful body. She has been sent to the Mephisto academy to be properly trained in the ways of demons and to better learn her place in this new world.
demonic, magical powers: levitation, phasing through solid objects, Wing Transformation, Emotion Sense, Energy transfer, accelerated healing, and Majik.
Other: When she became a demon she changed her name, modeling it after her teacher and long time friend.
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Name: Thorne
Age: 30
Sex: Female
Species: Raptor
Student/teacher: Teacher. Disciplinarian.
Turn ons: Having people under her complete control. Restraining. Punishment. Humiliation. Especially enjoys leading her pets through the halls wearing nothing but a collar and leash.
Turn offs: Scat, gore.
Appearance: Thorne
BIO: A long time teacher at the school, she handles disciplining the students when they misbehave. Or more often when she's bored and horny. She doesn't talk much about her life before joining the school, though the scar across her eye seems to be tied to it.
demonic, magical powers: Gift of hermaphrodites: Able to grown a working cock, complete with testicles.
Other: Has a number of piercings on her body, a couple of heavy ones on the tip of her tail, adding to the pain when she uses it as a whip.


Name: Shadow
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Species: Werewolf
Student/teacher: Student
Turn ons: Domination, rape. heavy bondage. Watersports.
Turn offs: Scat gore.
Appearance: Were
BIO: He was not transformed through normal means like other were's. He was transformed through an ancient lycan curse. Making him unable to change back at will. When physically exhausted he returns to human form to rest.
demonic, magical powers: Enhanced strength, speed, and senses.
Other: Exceptionally large and muscular, standing at almost 9 feet tall. He also has a kinder side that only those he is close to see. His cock swells at the base when he cums, forming a knot that may or maynot get stuck in whoever he's fucking depending on their tightness.


Name: Kattrina
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Species: Werecat.
Student/teacher: Student.
Turn ons: Having her tail played with gentley and her ears scratched.
Turn offs: scat vore, etc.
Appearance: Human

BIO: She picked up a small cat, unaware of what it truly was. After being bitten she was infected with tye curse of lycanthrophy. She wishes to find a cure for it, or at least learn how to better control her new form.
demonic, magical powers: Enhanced speed and agility. Also recovers from wounds amazingly fast. Able to survive tortures that would kill most normal peopled.
Other: In her cat form she sometimes experiences a type of heat cycle. Even minor arousing can send her into a lustful frenzy, desperate for sex from anyone or anything.
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Name: Mickal
Age: unknown
Sex: Male
Species: Human or demon, many are uncertain
Student/teacher: Teacher, General magics and summonings
Turn ons: Breaking stronger wills, forcing others to submit, bondage and control, creating fear in his victims, threatening, and rape (Duh)
Turn offs: Vore, Gore, Scat, ect.
Appearance: Human Demon
BIO:A master of the arcane and demonic, Mickal is ancient warrior mage who lives by his own code and rules. He resides in the academy and teaches because it is convenient, but nothing stops his ravenous need for soft supple female flesh and his classes are just another form of scouting as far as he is concerned. Official records date him back to the 15 hundreds though some say he is even older and originated in the Saxon Angelo conflict in the early 14 hundreds.
demonic, magical powers: He can summon several demons form several planes of existence, which includes minions, armor, weapons, and tools. He can also cast many occult spells, most of which have been lost to the world for several hundreds of years.
Other: His demonic form has not been seen by more than three people and it is unsure whether he is simply allowing a powerful Daemon to posses him or if he is in fact a demon himself. In this form he is able to shape shift and cast much more powerful spells, but he relinquishes control of his summoning abilities.

Name: Venra
Age: 20
Sex: female
Species: demon
Student/teacher: student
Turn ons: Bondage, causing fear, sexual torture, capture and release, harassing targets, cute girls.
Turn offs: Scat, Gore, Vore, ect.
Appearance: Venra
BIO: A demon from the lust hell, Venra is not unlike a combination of a succubus and a vampire. She can only be active at night or in the demon world, otherwise she requires a special amulet that lets he go where she pleases. She loves sexual activity like a succubus, but more than that, she needs it to survive. Like a vampire, she most feed often, but she does not drink blood. Instead she laps up sexual energy, particularly that of orgasms. She came here in search of new food and techniques...which she tests on new food.
demonic, magical powers: She has no actual magic yet, that is to say she can not cast spells, but she has limited shape shifting abilities as well as night vision, hypnoses, the ability to sensitize skin she touches and super human strength and speed.
Other: She is attracted to females due to their higher levels of sexual release, but one thing that very few people know is that she can actually absorb her own sexual releases as well and use them as food, which means that any man with enough skill to really satisfy her might tame her.

This last one is if Salem allows

Name: Silvia
Age: 5 days (lived in a timeless existence until now)
Sex: Female
Species: Angel
Student/teacher: Slave
Turn ons: Her wings are super sensitive and so teasing or massaging them feel heavenly to her (Ha pun). She loves being allowed to fly and being chained up for five days has not helped her mood at all.
Turn offs: Scat, Gore, Vore, ect.
Appearance: Silvia
BIO: Caught in a battle between good and evil, Silvia was taken away by demons when they assaulted heaven for the hundredth time, failing, but taking a none battle angel with them this time. Afraid and unused to the world, Silvia was chained up and shipped to the academy as a high value test subject...though if someone can provide enough money they may get their very own Angelic servant.
demonic, magical powers: She has the power of flight and healing and also, if allowed to pray, will be able to burn demons with holy energy.
Other: Silvia is completely innocent and naive, not yet understanding lies or sex or any other sin. She has come to know fear and abuse during her capture and is fearful of anyone near her. She wears a silver collar that keeps her from praying or using her powers and is dressed only in the gown in the picture. She is currently in a cage on display near the demonic magics class, awaiting either experimentation or whatever else might befall her.
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Name: Luna Selva
Age: 12
Sex: Female
Species: human, demon, or fur: Can change readily between an actual cat and a fur.
Student/teacher: (if teacher name what class you teach): Student
Turn ons: Being treated nicely, being petted in cat form, being spoken to softly and with care.
Turn offs: Being bonded to anything, being pulled around.
Furry Mode: She is a white panther -furry- (albino) and has yellow eyes (normal for a panther) Her tail is about as tall as she is. She is about 4'6 and weighs 82 pounds.
Cat Mode: She is a white tabby cat with an unusually long tail (about 4 inches bigger than the normal) and is very fast. She prefers going around in this mode as it feels less revealing to her.
BIO: She hates being controlled however hates to hurt people, so tend to verbally fight back but never physically. She normally goes around with her tail covering her parts in furry mode. (this is because the clothes transfer to cat mode, thus she loses any clothes she is wearing when she turns back... unless she goes back and gets them)
demonic, magical powers: Can transform between forms and *CAN* (does not mean always) puts people to sleep with her kiss. Also, she can summon a sword which in the right hands can annihilate any foe, however she is a pacifist and only uses this weapon for intimidation.
Other: (Whatever you want): Has no parents, she lives with foster parents who are the ones that chose to send her. She has a few unfound abilities that relate to her dead parents, however requires chanting words that she does not have. (Obviously she's also a virgin)
Name:Pepe Fujisaki
Species:Onikui Tengu
Turn ons:She likes people who can be funny and a goofball but yet still caring,serious,and gentle.
Turn offs:She dislikes people who think their race is better than others and show offs.
BIO:Pepe is about 5'3" tall she is very mysterious and unusually is always eating a slice of extra cheesy pizza.This little tengu is bossy and stubborn once you get to know her well.She isn't a very easy rape target.
demonic, magical powers:She can change the mind of other,pause time,and control the mind.
Other:Her weakness is colored glass,she likes when the light hit it and the glass glows.Her powers last only a hour on people.
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Wow. O-O ths sreally got a lot of suport. Should we go ahead and start now or wait a little more?
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I think its amazing that we got this many people, lets go ahead and start but keep it open.
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Name: Tyrael Diablo
Age: Since the dawn of Humanity
Sex: Male
Species: Fallen angel turned demon
Student/teacher: Headmaster, and Teaches Diplomacy
Turn ons: Just any and everything that makes his victims miserable and fearful of him
Turn offs: anything that brings his victims pleasure that is not of a sexual nature.
Appearance: Tyreal Diablo
BIO: Tyrael was a grand angel and Master of dreams he was cast out of Heaven for disclosing heaven secrets to Hell to save his own gorgeous body. He then then became a minion of hell and worked his way up from being a slave to being headmaster of Mephisto Academy. The reason why he was able to become head was because of his dream powers which he now uses to make nightmares. The tittle Diablo goes to harshest of demons lords and yes his powers are strong enough to be classified as demon lords some say his powers are even stronger than the currents demon king powers. He also has learned out to take object in the dream world and make then temporarily real.
demonic: able to create objects of peoples dreams and nightmares with a wave of a claw

I got another character in the works just not sure how he she will be shaped yet
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OOC: Alright I'm going to start this rp, it's always open if anyone becomes interested.

IC: Salema trembled as she approached the school, no matter how she look at the building it looked terrifying and foreboding " I go... she muttered weakly as she flew over the the small houses that served as the dorms and toward the school itself, dark menacing castle.

OOC: The school and dorms.
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