DHZ Lemon Request Thread
Do you still have the siterip of DHZ if so there's some of Rena Tamer that I would like to get my hands on his profiles, I can't find them anywhere else oh and if you can find red hot evaluation I think it was call with May and a male Blaziken.
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Alright, I found my second request. That one's by the author DigimonSH, and he has some other good stuff as well besides what I asked for. The first one's proving to be more difficult to find, however. Still looking for some assistance with that one.

EDIT: Is it just me, or is the DHZ site mirror's search function a no-go for all of you? That would make this a good bit easier.
Anyone still paying attention to this topic? I could use some assistance with my last request.
I would like to get Red Rover's "Twelve Talismans" series. The 12 chapter (or maybe less, not sure if he finished it) series about Gomamon getting the power of the 12 talismans from the world of Jackie Chan: The Animated Series (the show title was not mentioned in the first chapter, just a scene from it) being the Rabbit/Hare, Ox, Dragon, Pig, Horse, Rat, and the other animals from the Chinese zodiac. Each chapter is about him using one of the powers/talismans to get sex with a girl, and each chapter is a different power/talisman.
He's on Fur Affinity now under mrredrover I believe. You will need an account on the site but it'll work.
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Oh yeah... That's where he is.