Return of the Blades. (Witchlade anime rpg)
"Long sought by the greed of men, but bestowed only on the women whose fate it forever scars, the Witchblade, righteous sword of God or hand of the Devil himself. A new bearer finds out, seeking balance between ecstasy and ruin." years have passed since the Witchblade was thought to be destroyed by Masane and the world seems to have finally returned to normal...but many know that she failed and that the Witchblade has already chosen a new host, and with the revival of the NSWF and the creation of more Cloneblades and Ultimateblades, as well as the appearance of new EX-cons a new wave of lust and chaos are certain to sweep over the world.

OOC: SO I've finally started another rp with a more current anime, and I even have a real story to it! So like it says this takes place several yeas after the anime ends, you all know what is right and wrong so I won't bother stating he rules..I will however I will say that I am looking for someone to play the Witchblade's newest use, as well as someone to wield Excalibur, a MALE version of the Witchblade! I'm going to be asking those I think re the best suited for t but if you think you want one of these roles feel free to ask! Oh and furries are totally allowed!

Gender: (Male, Female, Futa, etc., etc.)
Race: (Human, Neogene, EX-con, etc., etc.)
Blade Name: (If you don't have on then your EX-con name, or the name of your weapon will suffice.)
Blade Appearance: Hidden form (What it looks like when inactive.)
Combat form: (What it looks like when it's active.(If your an EX-con then what you look like when your fighting))
Enhanced form: (Your most powerful form! This form is dangerous ad puts a lot of stress on the body, over use can even result in death!)
Your Appearance: (What you normally look like.)
BIO: (About yourself.)
Measurements: (You know the drill! Tell us your sizes :3)
Other: (Whatever you want to add.)
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Name: Salem A. Delgado
Age: 27
Gender: Female.
Race: Altered Human.
Blade Name: The Clarent.
Blade Appearance: Hidden form: Shaped like the Witchblade's, the metal is silver and the jewel is blood red.
Combat form: Once again just like the Witchblade's, but it's all a dark silver, her hair turns golden blond, and her irises are blue instead of yellow. The marks on her face look like eyeshadow with a pair of thin red lines that go from her eyes like tears.
Enhanced form: All blood red with pitch black hair, and blood red irises, the whites of her eye's also turn red.
Your Appearance: Deep bronze skin, long silver hair that falls past her knees, she has yellow eyes and stands 6' tall. Her cloths consist of a long red coat, red unbuttoned hot pants, and a matching, revealing top(Like Faye from cowboy bebop) and sometimes wears a red bikini top. She wears red calf high leather kinky boots with 12" heels, and a pair of thigh high black stockings.
BIO: The NSWF's top scientist, she leads the operation to capture the current Witchblade's wielder, having once succeeded she had locked away the user and experimented on blade, one of these experiments ended in the destruction of her lab and a permanent change in her life, though it was not all bad news, Salem had suffered from many illnesses both mental and physical, brought on by her using her on body to test her earlier experiments. After the explosion she found herself in perfect health!
Measurements: B42M-W24-H34.
Other: Her blade was created by the Witchblade itself during an explosion caused by Salem experimenting on it, this explosion also had drastic effects on Salem's body and genetic structure. (She used to be a he before it happened! >X3)
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I might have joined...if I knew what the hell any of this stuff was.
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The role of the Witchblade has been taken, though the role of Excalibur is still open for those interested.
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Name: Kattrina
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Blade Name: Witchblade.
Blade Appearance: Hidden Form: A dark silver bracelet with a blood red tear-drop shaped jewel in the center.
Combat form: A black almost gel-like armor covers her blade arm, also spreads across her back and onto her front, barely covering her large chest, a small patch covers her crotch, her legs are covered by a pair of thigh high boots. Her hair turns a bright red. Her eyes turn pitch black and her irises a bright yellow.
Enhanced form: Her armor turns black with red stripes on it, it also covers her other arm. She wields two short blades that come out from the underside of her arm, springing forward they both have handles that she holds onto, the blades are a bright silver with a blood red edge to them. Her eyes remain the same but her pupils become slits and more feral.
Your Appearance: 5'8" she has short hair which she dyes a light blue, she wears a pair of blue jeans with a dark green shirt.
BIO: The newest wielder of the witchblade, after being caught in the explosion at the lab she has attempted to avoid detection again.
Measurements: D36C-W23-H38.
Other: A bit of a tomboy.

Hope I didn't forget anything.
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I'm sorry, Salem, but I can't join--I'm in the same boat as arahabaki. I have no idea what any of this is, so I'm afraid I would not be able to role play to my full ability.
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You guys can download the anime, you might enjoy it. You could just read through the wikipedia page a bit to get the basic gist of what the witchblade is and stuff about the anime.
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Where can you download this anyway? I've just been watching it on IFC, but the series is almost over.
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Name: Luna Era
Age: 8 (looks 11)
Gender: Female (ew... futa?)
Race: Neogene
Blade Name: The Valhalla
Blade Appearance: A pitch black katana, about 4ft in length and a normal hilt. It looks like any sheathed katana. (note, it only looks like it's sheathed... it never really is)
Combat form: The blade is a longsword(6ft) with four curved blades coming out of the base to act as the hilt. Each blade coming out is about half a foot. As for armor...
Dark Armor - Go straight to 0:35, it's the first guy you see.
Enhanced form: That with black electricity coursing around me, and my blade turns into the "True Geist", its a long black sword with red edges, and in the middle of the hilt is a white jewel called the "Sacra". The blade is about 8ft and the hilt is 4 blades swirling around it as if a hurricane. Along the middle are several runic etchings.
Your Appearance: [Image: ea00332.png]
BIO: Reserved and loves toying with her prey before the kill, however has a soft side for her friends. She has a thing about falling in love.
Measurements: Flatchested Nya nya!
Other: Loves psychological and emotional warfare.

P.S. I will be doing the wiki thing before continuing to delve into this RP... and I only joined because I've been looking for an RP like this since I came here! THANK YOU SALEM!
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