The Final Fantasy Fighters
It's worth a shot to go out for this. A group purely for ranting, debating, sharing strategies, fandom chatting, and posting epic pictures/videos/songs of final fantasy.
Anyone going to comment? Maybe give me pointers on this...
Maybe an admin could say if it even has a shot of being approved!?
Final Fantasy is a genre in itself. With the creation of its franchise. You may want to put up RPing in the mix of this.

Simple things to add to this if you want this to be a group. (Looked upon in the matter is this)

1. Have a mission statement. (I.E. What is your group about? What does it do? How would you join? What is it about?)
2. Create a interesting name. (Names are key to everything, even if its like Gabumon lovers or the SDP.)
3. Find people that share the same interest. (Get yourself a hierarchy as well 2 mods at least.)
4. Make your group something that is different then you could already do in the RP section, and make it new. Make it your own.
5. Promote your idea, IE here but most of all make your audience believe that the group would work and be a group that will always have something to do.

I wish you luck. I did respond. :P

Live life and let live.

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thank you... ill go try to meet the reqs