Welcome, RPers!
Hey there Role Playing lovers. If you came for action, romance, drama, adventure and all sorts of things related to playing some other entity, fursona or self-extension, then get the hell out of here!

Oops- wrong, speech! I meant- Here's your home. All you can imagine about forum RPGs is right here in all of our RP Pads. If you're completely new, are lost and don't know where to start, here's a few comments about each RP Pad in DaD:

- R-What? is the pad where you can freely ask questions about RPs and discuss ideas for new RPs! You may also verify rules in the Stickies. Warning! This is not the place to start a RP! Keep that in mind.

- Traditional RPGs is the pad where you can play any sort of RPG which does not involve sex, or more correctly said, it does not contain NC-17 stuff. Personally I think this pad is for action and adventure RPs, but you can also go for some clean, non-dirty drama and romance here too!

- Yaoi and Yuri RPGs are the pads for RPGs which contain mature stuff related to homosexual orientations, Yaoi being for Male x Male relationships (A.K.A. M/M) and Yuri being for Female x Female relationships (A.K.A. F/F). The only thing you should keep aware of is that if you join RPs in these pads, you are not allowed to go heterosexual or play Yuri in the Yaoi Pad for example.

- Straight RPGs is the pad that contrasts Yaoi and Yuri. Instead of playing homosexual characters of either gender, you may only play heterosexual oriented characters. Remember! Do not join if your character is bisexual!

- Fetish RPGs is the pad where selective fetishes are applied in each game. Join only when the RPG has a fetish you like! Also, if the Game Master or more commonly known as the GM asks for no other sort of fetishes to be done, then you must stick to the fetishes only played for said game!

- Mixed RPGs is the special pad where any sort of RPG might come up! It's like all the RPG pads being merged into one! Just keep in mind to follow the rules the GM posts!

- Others' RPGs is a pad where you can promote RPGs you play elsewhere or you want people to see. Also, it is the place to start Private RPGs (A.K.A. Twin RPGs) in which only a select few can take part (Usually you'll find the people who can only play in the Topic's name, if not, simply read the first post where it should say).

Ready to play? Hope so! Go ahead and browse! If you know nothing, ask! That's how you'll learn. If you need help, send me a PM over, I'll make sure to enlighten you in the art of Role Playing.

The rules can be found on each pad separately, and in a Sticky in the R-What? forum. Make sure to check them out before you start playing! Nothing like going into the battle-field fully prepped! Anyway, have fun! And again, welcome to DaD's RPGs!
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