Sex Magic - Looking for New People PLEASE JOIN
(Reposted as I changed the plot a little, and I doubt anyone read the old topic after I changed it...)

Alright, so this RP is about a special group of high school students...

These kids mysteriously obtained magic powers at the beginning of the school year. As they learn how to use these powers, the students take sides against each other, with many deciding to use their powers to take control over the others. The other studens work to stop them.

Although these powers are great and vary between the students, they all share one thing in common.

They must be recharged through sexual acts.

Basically, the RP involves how the students go about their school days, trying to fit in their recharges and normal lives while also dealing with the opposite side of the student body.

Other students without powers also become involved, although many do not know of the powers. The teachers are also kept out of the loop.

Power (If applicable):
Alliance: (Good or Evil)
Specifics of Recharge:

Here's mine for example:

Name: Megan Ankim
Age: 15
Power: Controls water
Alliance: Good

Specifics of Recharge: Power replenished through orgasm. Full recharge for intercourse, half recharge for masturbation. Becomes hornier the longer she goes without a recharge.

Description: A young thin girl of medium height. Long straight red hair, blue eyes. Wears a white short-sleeved T-shirt and blue plaid skirt. Knee-high dark blue socks and black shoes.


1. Human characters only.
2. Sex can not be had during class. One must excuse theirselves (and their partner) from class first. Masturbation can be done in class though.
3. Teachers will be portrayed by anyone willing to act as them in a scene, not counting people trying to be excused.
4. All the basic rules, no killing other members' characters without their permission....

Edit: Forgot some things...

Not all of the students in this school have powers; most are oblivious. The teachers are also oblivious to the powers and recharging.

Students without powers may, however, know about someone else's powers, be involved in the recharging process, and be used by any member involved.
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Name: Rellia Fraust
Age: 17
Power: Can form a blade of ice, the blade's height changes with an increase in ability to control it. (cannot be controlled by other powers)
Alliance: None.

Specifics of Recharge: Power replenished through a sudden burst in weakness (mostly horniness) at a random moments. Full recharge for intercourse, half recharge for masturbation. Becomes edgier the longer she goes without a recharge.

Description: She has blue eyes and blond hair, skinny and somewhat short. She wars a black shirt with a white ball in the middle, and black jeans with a white cat on the right knee, she likes cute things.

If it's not to late to join, I'll be glad to.
Also, sorry I stole your recharge specifics, I didn't really know what to put.
That's weird, the forum didn't show any new posts in it...

Anyway, I'm hoping for at least one more person, and if it's not too much trouble, could you add a second character, I'm adding one too.

Name: Lex Art
Age: 15
Power None
Alliance: Good
Description: Lex is a tall, moderately built teenager. He has short red hair and wide brown eyes (like a deer in headlights). He's wearing a dark blue, short-sleeved shirt and a pair of gray cargo shorts. Oh, and black sneakers.
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Name: Kain Saratoga
Age: 17
Power: Can summon a dragon spear with immense powers, the spear allows him to summon dragons and cast dragon-borne magic.
Alliance: Good.

Specifics of Recharge: Power replenished through a sudden burst in weakness (mostly horniness) at a random moments. Full recharge for intercourse, half recharge for masturbation. Gets more wild and anxious to fight the longer he goes without a recharge. (normally calm-minded)
Description: Wears black clothes with a red insignia on the top right of his shirt, he also wears black jeans, and a red trench coat. He has red eyes and prefers to fight solo, very annoyed by others and believes they get in the way during combat. However, also very romantic.Prefers having a rose around at all times, in battle he has a black rose.
Alright, now let's just wait for one more person to join.

Come on people, we need someone evil, and it's no fun with just too people involved! :D
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Sounds interesting to me. I'll join.

Name: Shaun 'Shadow' Dowley.
Age: 18
Power: Shadow cloak; Able to blend into any darkness and become virtually invisible. Cabable of moving through the shadows at fast speeds.
Alliance: Evil
Specifics of Recharge: Half charge through masturbation, full charge through intercourse, small charge through having 'fun' with his partner.
Description: 5'9" has short black hair, wears blue jeans, a short sleeved black shirt, with a long sleeved white shirt under it.


Name: Regina Zhang
Age: 35
Power: None
Alliance: Neutral
Specifics of Recharge: None
Description: Hope pics are okay. Sexy teacher
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OOC: Alright, let's get this started.

Rmeember, if anyone wants to join, you can still join! :D


Lex and Megan had been hanging out behind of the school for about 15 minutes. There had been an accident in the science lab, earlier, and most of the students had been evacuated, although the teachers said there was nothing to worry about.

Megan sighed. "So what did you want to tell me?" Lex and dragged her back there and seemed to be thinking over what to say for a long time, and Meg was getting impatient.

Lex cleared his throat. "After careful consideration of all the things that have happened surrounding you recently, and the fact that you're starting to creep me out, I'm afraid that I'm just gonna have to stop hanging out with you.

Meg glared angrily at him. "What the fuck have I done, that is driving you away from me?!!" Meg didn't take well to bad news, and was barely keeping her fists from pummeling Lex.

Lex winced then worked up the courage to talk again. "There have been a lot of weird things going on lately with you, you disappear at random times, you always seem hurt, or burned, or soaked with no explanation as to why. I just can't handle having a friend like you. You worry me too much... Besides, I'm going to ask out Rellia today..."

Meg opened her eyes wide. "The Frost girl? You're saying you can't be friends with me, because you want to stick around the girl with the kittens on her pants?"

Lex sighed. "Yeah, basically.... I'm gonna go talk to her now, so... Bye, I guess... Try to stay safe...."

Lex headed back toward the other students in front of the school, while Megan turned around and slammed the back of her head against the building. These stupid powers are ruining my life! I've already lost my boyfriend, and now Lex too? Well, he'll probably be much happier with Fraust... She's not dangerous....
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Shaun stretched out his arms with a large yawn, as soon as they were let out of class the first thing he did was find somewhere to just relax, Ugh, this is so boring, why the hell do I even have to be here? It'd be easy enough to just destroy the whole place. he thought, glancing over at the building.


Regina was glancing out the window as she sipped from a cup of coffee, a break in the middle of the day was rare so she was taking full advantage of it while she could and enjoying the peace and quiet, not to mention the break from a number of students immature comments.
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After class being over Rellia left the class room, seemingly in a hurry as she always is, speed walking through the halls. She coems to her locker and opens it, inside there are a few posters of cats and she grabs her science book out. (Sigh, why do I even come to school...)
Kain leaves the same classroom as Rellia was in slowly, comes up to her locker as she takes out her book and taps on her shoulder.
"Hm!?" Rellia quickly turned around with a small bit of icy smoke leaving her sleeve, then it stops as soon as she looks at him.
"Sorry, I missed the homework, can you give it to me?" Kian sighed as he said this, hating to ask others for help.
"'s chapter 194..." she said nervously.
"Thanks." he walked off silently and slowly as always.
Lex looked around the schoolgrounds, trying to find Rellia in the crowd of students. Hmm... I guess she could have class on the other side of the school. He turned to look around some more when he tripped on someone's leg. He fell face first on the ground, befroe scrambling to get back up. He turned to see the person only to realize he was staring straight at Shaun Dowley.

"Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't see you..." Lex knew that Shaun wasn't the most friendly student, and hoped to get away without any bruises.


Megan slid down to a sitting position, head in her hands. "What am I going to do? I can't just continue my life with no human contact... Expecially with my "condition". I guess I'll just have to find someone new to play around with..."
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