Do people ever think?
Well yet again i have a rant. Yeah yeah same ol rant. Lets start this thing off.

Okay. People speak what they think. But yet again do they chose there words clearly before posting or even speaking? Lets say i call my self the low life trash. I call myself because i dont think i am a higher advantage point to everyone else. But then you have the people that think they are the ones who are a higher level of inteligence just to think they can be the ones to pick on others.I am artistic. I love to do what i do. I only show the wok i wanna like a sig. Or even things on paper. To my friends. Not every little peice of artwork i have to offer. So say i do show something. I dont think highly of myself. But since i do show my own style alot of people will do this.

"Do you think you are better if you can do *so or so*?" Ill answer with this.

"No i dont think i am even a remorce better than you." But then it ends in a horrific nature. Where they wanna start something. There are alot of people in this world. Ass holes or not. But what makes them that? What ever they chose to make people beleive. I beleive i am nothing. I dont care anymore. So why do i care now? Cuz i hate people point and blank. (Well except for my friends. There on my good side.) Hell right now i am joyess as possible. But i like writting what i wanna write. So who are you and what are we? Do you find yourself different?

Another thing i love. I have delt with a lot of misery and whole in my life. Family isnt the good of the pack. But then people who have the same conflict go. "My pain is better than your pain!" I go

"Who cares." You see i do that because i had pain its gone now past is past. I have pain but not much of it anymore. Well people think of this as a stupid rant but ah well.