Digimon SEXUAL Tamers 2.0
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Shadow Dragon Pack (SDP)
"I can't. Master Alex wants me to make sure you're okay," the Angewomon said. "I'm not going to hurt you, so just let me give you a check up, okay?" she smiled.

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Shadow Dragon Pack (SDP)
Tiff nodded slowly and said "Fine...but Im just a little sore from the fight...why do you call him master? You are a digimon." She said a little anger seeping into her voice.
Shadow Dragon Pack (SDP)
Name: Hikari
Age: 19
description or image: a red breathtaking with gorgeous green eyes, hair to the middle of her back, wearing a set of top and tiny shorts black leather hiring perfectly with its white boots that go to the mid-thigh.
Gender: Female
 Sexuality: lesbian
Special Powers or Abilities: modify the body of the Digimon to touch them, and may even generate clothes and weapons to or from them.
Digimon or Human: Human
Fetishes: renamon, slavery, body modifications, humiliation, fear, forniphilia, torture, extremely prolonged sex, etc.
Turn Offs: blood, feces, urine ... the standard.
Measurements: 1, 50m height 110 cm bust, waist and hip 92 cm 116 cm.

Hikari leave a dimensional portal in a forest on a beautiful day, finally it is in the digi world, where she would eventually try to fulfill your fantasies and where your tastes could not be tried. "Now we need one renamon" She started walking hoping to find something interesting to capture and abuse.