The Yaoi Resort
After the defeat of BelialVamdemon, all the Chosen Children decide to meet in New York City to plan on how the International Chosen will manage the evil left in the worlds.

As Taichi reaches New York with Hikari, she reveals that she only booked her hotel room for one and s ditching him to spend time with friends.

With no place to stay, Taichi looks around town but can't find any open hotels, until he notices the Yaoi Resort right outside the city limits.

Thinking the name has nothing to do with what he's thinking, he decides to stay there for the month the conference is going on.

Unbeknownst to him, the people there are horny gay men who try to get all guests into embarassing yaoi situations.

Characters can be Chosen Children, characters from other series, or just made-up on the spot.

For your descriptions, include:

Description (Only for fan characters):
Reason for staying at the Resort:

Yes, turn-ons/offs are needed for Digimon characters also.

My characters:

Taichi Yagami
Turn-ons: Big cocks, muscular men
Turn-offs: Female parts, two-person sex, has to be single or multiple people
Reason: Explained above

Tom Mayers
Description: The head of room-service and manager of the Resort. A little taller than Taichi with blond hair and a scrawny body. Wears a hawaiian shirt and shorts.
Turn-ons: Masturbating, any guys
Turn-offs: Not much
Reason: Works there

Tamers, Frontier and Savers characters do not need a reason for being out-of-continuity, just give the normal profile, and a description for Savers characters in case of people who haven't seen it.

BtW: This RP is just about the resort and its yaoi problems, the whole International Conference is just backstory, and doesn't need to be interacted with.

Added Rule: Please keep characters either human or Digimon.
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Name: Davis' Flamedramon
Turn-ons: Humans, hot water, underwear and seeing himself without armor.
Turn-offs: cold water, whiners and old men
Reason: Davis Split up with veemon to look for hotels (and his idol, Tai), and lo- they find this place. the hot steam and atmosphere around the place had a strange effect on veemon, causing him to evolve and stay in his flamedramon form. Technically just here because Davis is.

Name: Davis Motomiya
Turn ons: Tai, Tai, Tai- TAI TAI TAAAAAIIII!!! And digimon who act and look different from their usual personalities (Ex: Flamie without the armor), Flamedramon putting stuff on and taking stuff off (bands and armor)
Turn offs: searing heat
Reason: Veemon found Tai here, and as soon as he read the name- ran inside like a child on sugar rush. He noticed flamdramon acting weird, and decided to stay.
OOC: Okay, let's wait for at least one more person to join, then we'll start!!!
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Name: Kage Nightfall
Description: A young boy stands at about 5 foot 7, not being very tall for his age of fifteen. His skin is ever so gently tanned, and his hair is the colour of wet sand and seems to defy gravity as it spikes out in every direction possible. His body itself is rather slim yet not weak, showing slight hints of muscle. He wears a sleevless black top, with a blue belt and dark blue jeans with strange yellow straps. He wears usually either sandals or white and yellow trainers. He has a red wristband on his right hand, including a black and blue glove, but his second had has nothing special on. He also wears a silver, upside down heart necklace.
Turn- ons: Strong, over protective guys, maybe a bit on attitude.
Turns-offs: Crossdressers, sluts, herms.
Reason: He is a bit of wonderer and is looking for mister right, but being all alone in the world, he does not speak much, and has decided to relax somewhere for a change.
OOC: Okay, let's start!

IC: Taichi is just entering the resort and is still wondering about the name, when a man in a hawaiian shirt and shorts jumps out of the shadows.

Tom: A guest!! Welcome to the Yaoi Resort!!!

Taichi: AAH!! Where'd you come from?

Tom: I'm sorry. I'm Tom Mayers, owner and proprietor of the Yaoi Resort. Would you like a room?

Taichi: Uh, yeah. Why is this place called the Yaoi Resort anyway?

Tom: Oh, you'll find out soon enough.

Tom can't help staring at the shape of Taichi's ass as he looks around.

Tom: Now come over to the main desk, and we'll get you a room.

Taichi walks over and Tom hands him a brochure.

Tom: Now you just need to answer a few questions. What's your name?

Taichi: Taichi Yagami.

Tom: What kind of room would you like?

Taichi: I don't know. Something small.

Tom: Why are you staying in New York?

Taichi: Uh, because of a Chosen Convention.

Tom: What's your cock size?

Taichi: Fifteen centi- Wait, what?

Tom: Oh, nothing. Now, we don't have any single rooms left, I'm afraid. So you'll have to stay with two other quests.

Taichi: What'd their names?

Tom: I don't remember the creature's name, but the boy was named Davis.

Taichi: (to himself) Davis is here?

Taichi grabs his bags and starts heading to his room.

Tom: Wait, you forgot your room key!

Tom hands him a key shaped like a penis.

Taichi: Uh, thanks...

Tom: Happy fucking!! I mean, have a happy stay!!!

Taichi quickly gets away from the guy.
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Kage walked through the driveway of the hotel, hands in his pockets, not saying musch, as he made his way through the hotel, his hands drummed against the side of his legs as he kept on walking, his eyes fixed in front of him, as he slowly opened the front door of the hotel and slowly looked around.

"Well at least its rather quiet" he muttered, not noticing Tom as he slowly stood in front of the counter, drumming his fingers against the front desk and sighed heavily as he rang the bell for reception, he wanted to check in fast so he could avoid the gay rush hour, well at least thats what he called it, in truth it was just when all the extremely camp men came in and started squeezing the little ones asses.
Tom pops up from behind the desk.

Tom: Well hello! Welcome to the Yaoi Resort! I suppose you'll be checking in now, so just fill out this sheet.

Tom hands Kage the sheet.

Tom: By the way, you wouldn't happen to be gay would you?
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Name: Altima Carpine
Description (Only for fan characters):
Turn-ons/offs: younger, or smaller guys.
Reason for staying at the Resort: always travelling. just staying here until he can earn enough money to move on.

OOC: can I be a dragon? or it has to be human?
Altima Wrote:Name: Altima Carpine
Description (Only for fan characters):
Turn-ons/offs: younger, or smaller guys.
Reason for staying at the Resort: always travelling. just staying here until he can earn enough money to move on.

OOC: can I be a dragon? or it has to be human?

OOC: I'd like characters to be either human or digimon.
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Kage blinked and nodded, a little suprised by the man and that he had suddenly appeared but nodded slowly and started to sign the papers, and paused at the question.

"Why else would I be here?" he sighed and signed the last form and simply jumped over the desk and ragbbed his house key.

"I take it this is my key since I ordered the room online" he muttered and without another word, he slowly jumped over the desk and walked off.