So we don't miss anything, let's have the Rules here.
Just wanted to keep this clear and add some rules for those who want to start RPing and so they can have most of their questions answered.

- Please be sure that if you create a RPG, you don't stay absent for whole week after people joined or you are currently taking major role, you wouldn't like to dissapoint them would you? If you have any complications, at least put an OOC saying that you will be away with the reason, or at least saying that you must go for some period of time if you think it isn't proper to be telling the others about your life lol.

- God Modding when fights arise aren't too kind to other users, please be sure to AT LEAST have your character with one Weak Point.

- Power Playing, DISABELED. You know, most of you people get what this is- but some don't, so please only control YOUR characters- if you are in a fight, do most things indirectly like letting the characters react to something you do, like punching- I mean, it can be recieved or blocked. And don't put up things like: A slashed B's throat and killed him (If your character is A only or B only of course).
People will get annoyed for that. If you want to take control of a character for a special situation OR even want to kill that character that ISN'T yours, PM the user first so it'll be fair.

- This place allows any and all kinds of Forum RPGs you want to post, they must either be from another Forum, to promote it here, or they must be specific RPGs that don't fit in any of the other RPG pads, such as two or three players RPGs or a single thought story for yourself.

- If you are going to create a RP, please don't make one to insult someone/something, it wouldn't be nice at all.'

- ''Static'' Status is given to members who haven't posted in 48 hours since their last post. If at this rate he or she hasn't posted, you are allowed to ignore him or her and leave his characters to continue what you want or interact with other characters.

- Ignoring, is not allowed. If a member writes an action, then react to it.

- If you notice the RP has forgotten about someone after lots of replies that don't Flood, then you are allowed to ask others to take a break.

- GMs can create own rules, but if their own conflict with any of these, he or she may first ask me before posting them. GMs can also ask if they want their own topic locked whenever they wish.

- Knock yourself out! Choose what you want to be and follow this common rules to have fun!

If you don't understand this or want to suggest something, you can PM me and I'll answer your questions personally.
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