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I Wrote:Name - Frea

Race - Daemon

Age - 643

Gender - Female

Description - Human-like in appearance, she is 1.48 metres tall and moderately built as well as young looking. She has small leathery wings on her back with a wingspan of 0.77 metres. Her skin is pale with faint red patterns that seem to be constantly shifting. Her left eye is deep green, her other is fiery orange. Her hair is dark red, almost black, and around a metre long. Her hands and feet are small. Her fingers are thin, delicate looking.

Powers - Connection (drains another living thing's life force, requires physical contact), Fire bending (controls fire element), Air bending (controls air element), Glyphs (uses certain symbols to channel her Fire/Air bending into complex spells)

Likes/Enjoys - Food (>X3) of ANY sort, arranging her hair, practicing her powers, hand-to-hand combat, killing (NO KIDDING!!!), death metal music, fellow females

Hates - Males, ranged combat, technology, all music other than rock, silence, being outmatched in a fight
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< Disturbed and Saphire's house >

*Disturbed and Saphire were just waking up and getting out of bed*

Disturbed was already in the kitchen cooking Saphire and himself a nice morning breakfast with waffles and sausage. He quickly cooked it up and placed it onto the table "Saph!!! Breakfast is ready!!"

Saphire yawned and got out of her bed and walked downstairs "Breakfast? Whats the occasion?" she asked as she walked down the stairs and into the kitchen/dining room.

"Nothing just felt like cooking us some breakfast this morning." Disturbed said as he got out the syrup and butter placing them onto the table.

Amat was walking through the park"Old Godzilla was hopping around,Tokyo City like a big playground."he then noticed Kira"I thought the park would be empty right now.

Kira turned her body to see who she heard come by

Kira: Oh...Hello.

She gave a smile looking at him
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"Hello,and who might you be?"Amat said as he waved to her.
Kira: Well *giggle* ...I'm Kira.

She just smiled and after a pause

Kira: Would you like a seat?

She offered the spot on the bench by her
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"Thanks"he said as he sat down beside her"My name is Amat."
Kira reached and took his claw and shook it.

Kira: Nice to meet you.
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Amat smiled at her"Nice to meet you too."
She then turned her body to face the fountain in front of the bench and looked at it with her arms resting on the top of the bench, but making her chest poke out from her D size breast and her small shirt showing her perfectly curved body.

Kira: How are you?

She turns her head to look at him.
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