Straight out RPG
This is just a normal, average, do whatever RPG

Hentai and everything is included, have whatever, start out where ever, your character is whoever you like to be. Everyone lives on their own, everyone knows each other, living like....miles and miles away from one another, all have to be in the same region and country and such.

If you like, you can put what your character likes or dislikes in your INFO. area. Its all Straight! There can be whatever kind of race.
-Different transformation that you have, go with it.

You get it, kewl.

Next poster can start out how he or she likes.
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OOC: I'll start this off

Name: Disturbed
Type: Anthro Black Wolf (Blackweregarurumon but much cooler)
Powers: Ability to use shadows to seep into
Description: Black furred anthro wolf with black loose-fit jeans, shirtless, has tape wrapped around his feet and ankles. Muscular and lean
Info: Likes swords, rock music, and beer.
Dislikes: Annoyances

Name: Saphire
Tyep: Antro Blue/White Wolf
Powers: light spirit powers like healing
Description: Blue furred anthro wolf with white underbelly, paws, and feet. Wears a blue sweater with a mid-drift showing her belly button, blue loose-fit jeans. Blue hair that just barely tough her shoulders with short bangs. Blue sapphire like eyes.

Name: Kurtz
Type: Railemon (Dragon-like)
Powers: Able to transform into human form and also a larger dragon form, while also being able to fire off small sphere's of eletricity.
Description: Green-and-white scaled dragon with spiky red hair and glowing violet eyes. He wears a black shirt, white trousers and a long red-and-blue coat. Muscular, yet unbelievably thin.
Info: He loves beer, japanese music, weapons of all kinds and talking to others.
Dislikes: Cocky people.
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OOC:Me and my forms.

Type:human/dragon/renamon hybrid-a guy with short,blond hair wearing blue jean shorts,black shoes, and a black T-shirt,green eyes.Has Renamon ears and a red and black dragon tail.
abilities:different attacks,constantly learning more
base power:dimensions and curses
extra info:Has the ability to use Chaos gate,a technique which allows him to enter chaos form.

Type:hands change into dragon claws,and sprouts 2 massive,black dragon wings.
abilities:many darkness attacks
base power:Chaos
preferences:senseless destruction
extra info:favorite technique is Chaos laser bombardment

type:a Renamon with red metallic fur,black symbols,and 2 red metallic dragon wings
abilities:speedy attacks
base power:speed
extra info:Amat randomly entered this form and likes it because of speed,has mastered the transformation.Can use Chaos gate to become....

character:Chaos Renamon-Amat
type:gains two metallic blue dragon wings to go with the red,tail changes to a red metallic draon tail,and paws change to dragon claws
base power:shadow-light
affinity:Holy and darkness
extra info:has a being of darkness in his mind that wants out.

character:Mind's Chaos
type:a black shadow in CR-Amat's head that floats around
abilities:loves dark attacks,especially True chaos gate
base power:chaos
preferences:whatever he can do
extra info:Can only take control when CR-Amat let's him,can only do what was in their agreement.

I'll post my latest form soon.
OOC:Found it.

type:massive demon-yellow eyes,10 black wings,blood red body,4 red horns,5 blue tails,long white hair,and elf-like ears
abilities:powerful,fast,feels little pain
base power:multi-element
preferences:a good fight,will protect friends
extra info:able to enter this form at will,but drains life energy.has many dark-fire attacks along with non-elemental attacks.
Uhhhh... n_n;;

You were supposed to abide by the way of how to post the profile in this RPG, which was supplied by Disturbed. >.>
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Too late now,I'm no good at rearranging stuff.
Name: Gol
Gender: Male
Race: Wolf/Human
Apperence: Dark grey furred wolf with black hair giong down to his neck, wearing long-black jeans and boots.
Powers: Time minipulation and other things having to do with it.
Info: Likes hanging out, drinking, fighting, and all kinds of swords.
Dislikes: Annoying people doing stupid things aroud him.

Name: Kira
Gender: Female
Race: Renamon
Apperence: Dark blue and white furred, long-purple hair, no chest fur (shirt cover), no sleeves, wears normal clothing. (you'll get other info later on with her ;P )

[Gol/Kira's House]

Gol awoke finding Kira already gone out to get some fresh air as she wanted.

Gol: She must have gotten up earlier than i thought...

[Park: Center]

Kira walked in and found a bench, sitting down and looking at the fountain in front of her.

Kira: peaceful...
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OOC: Just a note.

But for first, if not requested by Game Master, you don't have to write the profiles as the. For instance, no one has the obligation of posting profiles the same way as Disturbed did, IN THIS RPG.

As for second, Amaterasu, remember not to double post within the first 24 hours, you have an Edit button.

I doubt I'll join here right now, but maybe later I will. Continue normally.
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