More New Forum Sections
This is just a small announcement to let you all know that three new sections have been put up;

The Intro Board - Basically, just a place for noobs to put up their introductions. If you're new here, place take full advantage of this section.

The Yuri Teahouse - Located in the Yaoi Pad section, which has subsequently been renamed to 'The Love Pad' (and the Yaoi section being renamed to The Yaoi Steam Room), this is the section where you can put up artwork and fanfiction that contains female/female relationships. Discussion topics are also welcome as well.

Original Fiction - Here, any and all fic writers who wish to display their abilities to create original material can showcase their stuff. Please keep in mind that this section is for all original-made stories only, and fanfics are still posted in The Author's Domain.

Hopefully, these will be able to pick up. And if not, then after a few month, if they remain idle, they will be taken down. Here's hoping you will all enjoy them and take full advantage of their usage.