Yaoi RPG? sounds fun! lets get it started!
first i need you people to send me your character profile! here is an example of how it should look!:

Name: Lunarius XIV
Race: Rare blue wolf.
Specialties: has a humanoid form.
Age: 5 years old
Cock size: 12.5 inches
Sheathe/pouch?: yes
height: wolf form: 4 ft. humanoid form: 8 ft
Eye color: Dark blue
Does he wear clothes?: yes
If yes, what does he wear?: A pair of jeans, and black shirt
Apearance: (Wolf form: ) A big, dark blue wolf. he has a lot of attractive features. (Humanoid Wolf form: ) Wears clothes now, looks similar to a weregarurumon, taller, furry, still has his tail, front paws are replaced with furry, padded hands, back paws are enlarged, and he is more muscular now.
Personality: Frisky, playful, horny...
likes: other furries.
Dislikes: being raped.
weapons?: yes
if yes, what? : natural weapons (claws and teeth) a short sword strapped on his back when not in use.
any powers?: yes
if yes, define/discribe: healing, super speed, keen senses...telekinesis? the works!
Comments: I Want him!!!

well, thats just an example! please try! we'll get this party started!
Umm... 5 years old is a bit young, dude. You might want to tweak that.
depends if you count in animal years, I guess...
He's a wolf thing... He can't really be 30 years old...
I think the 5 years old thing is in canine years.
oi? why dont we just do this with human years :S

Name: Khoi


Age: 14

height: 5'6"

Eye color: dark brown/blackish

Clothes: black T-shirt with a rainbow hand and black jeans

Apearance: black paws, looks like gloves and socks, tal tip is white and a littel black stripe around between the white and orange fur, short red spikey head fur (sorta looks like gunters/blues fox :D)

Personality: shy but playful

Likes: back rubs

Dislikes: jerks


well i didnt know if you wanted it sent here or pm :D
well, that EXAMPLE was in dog years, if you want people years, fine, i have a question though: after weve completed the character profiles... who's gonna start? HOW does an RPG start in the first place? do we start it in a specific story/location, or do we start at a yaoi scene? or maybe an introduction would work, you know... how the characters get in! yup, we definitely have a lot of work to do! so please hurry up 'n post ya' profiles!
Gabumonfurry's profile: check!
1 down, to go!!!
Well, they are more interesting when they follow a storyline. Try starting with a setting and stuff so people know where and when they are, and pick something for the character to be doing, and then go from there, working in the yaoi parts as you go along. Let me know if you need anything!
crimson, hold up with your name (blue). sence blue is in my name, could you call yourself crimson or other? i am open to suggestions for the name bit.

here goes nothing:

Name: Cronos Blackwing

Race: half vampire, half elf

Specialties: has an elfin form. can change to vampire at will.

Age: 1 centuries old (15 human years)

Cock size: 8 inches

Sheathe/pouch?: no

height: vampire: 9 ft. elfin : 6' 5"

Eye color: blue green with silver flecks

Does he wear clothes?: yes

If yes, what does he wear?: skin-tight sute, with a green cloak

Apearance: (elfin form: ) light skined, lithe, black hair-pony tailed to mid
back, starting at mid-neck. bangs just over eyes.
(vampire form:) no clothes black wings red eyes and sharp
talons, and he is more muscular now. can change into other
vampire forms. (bat, smoke, wolf, ect.)

Personality: keeps to himself, but can be playful. and, like any other teen,
horny and has not decided if stright or gay

likes: unknown

Dislikes: being raped. amoung other things

weapons?: yes

if yes, what? : natural weapons (duh) claws and teeth. a crived
flambridge, strapped on his back when not in use. a long
war bow, also strapped to back, and a lance, which he
carries around.

any powers?: yes

if yes, define/discribe: control undead, minor crontrol of nature, knows
forests like the back of his hand, can levitate, and
other vampire stuff.

i think thats it. start in a town, in a tavern?
Veemon's Followers
Blue: woof? you want me to change my name? i... guess its pretty awkward, here, (Blue is engulfed by an eerie black energy, when the energy dissapears, his fur has changed from dark blue, to a blackish dark blue, with strabge white markings)
Dark Blue: with the powers of darkness and light, life and death, good and evil, I am reborn from my former self, and i am now known as Dark-Blue. (you can still call me blue for short!) i wonder what gunter's gonna say when he finds out that i changed my name and apearance without him knowing? i hope he's okay with it...
sure, we can start anywhere, i'll start it soon, let me think of the beginning for a while, thanks for the tips wolfey!