Digidestines are teenagers!
I was just wondering why we never see and pubic/armpit/chest/leg/and facial hair/peachfuzz(5:00 shadow if you will), or happy-trails on any of the digidestines in the Art gallery.
I mean, they are obviously teenagers, and have hit puberty because they can cum/come/ejaculate, but why is there no exagerated hair features?
Actually, in the original shows the Chosen and Tamers were in 5th grade. Sorry dude, us lemon writers and artists just make shit up about them being in puberty.
Can I make a request then?
I would like some random pics of the digidestines( male and fem) "alone" with themselves if you know what I'm talking about. They can be fully nude, or just partial, with "things" sticking out of their pants/shorts fronts.
Maybe some of the boys having boners/hardons/stiffies in their pants or shorts, and the girls can have wet spots, and such.
I would appreciate it.
It can just be the easy ink on paper, black and white, if you want. Please ask the other artists to do some too and e-amil the pics! Thanks.
I'm waiting! PLEASE somebody post a reply or something!
Maybe do a requested pic for me!!?
I'am still waiting. I have taken some random pics from different artists and added in some mature-looking details if anyone would like them, just ask.
They are ok, but I would like to see some professional grade works showing the digidestined during their raging hormones periods, with embarassing public hardons, and such. Thanks.
Somehow I don't think anybody wants to completely rethink the characters' appearance in order to accomodate your desire to see them as "older".