Someone wanna tell me why the HELL...
...Toon Disney skipped the Dark Spore arc and went straight to ep 48? My GOD, are they conspiring with Yuen Wong Yu to completely obliterate Oikawa's backstory or something?

And I heard they've done this *before*. WHY would they cut out some of the most crucial episodes in the entire series?
Of course they would do that. You expect them to care about the people who truly like the series and those idiotic little brats who think story is stupid? Why I ought'a hit stupid Toon Disney...
I was thinking it's due to the violence, but they just showed Lionheart the other day. Unedited.
Perhaps we should conspire against them.
simple they show episodes out of order that's just it sorry BJG
And later they wonder why the popularity of digimon went down in rating terms after season 2

Disney screwed all when they got the airing rights of digimon, thank goodness Disney didn't got the airing rights outside the US or else the spanish version would had ended severely screwed :shock:

I'm glad that here in Mexico we have that company called Animekai who is in charge of bring the anime here and they bring it exactly like it is in japan keeping all like the music, escenes, and that stuff. 8)

well with the exception of Pokemon, Sonic X, YuGiOH and Duel Masters since those are the versions distributed by 4 Kids Entertainment.
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Digimon was bought from Japan here. The big exception were the movies, where we had to deal with the crap what the people there made of it. They cutted the movies brutally and the whole story suffered a lot under that.
At all, I didn't liked the movie much, coz it was just too rushed and lost the originality. Though if you have the chance try to get fansubbed ones..

back to topic. Disney is evil, TV stations are evil. If I think how they messed up some series here, i could get there and *CENSORED, cause it is too violent*
I seen every movie in sub, fandub, and raw now I'm waiting for this site to release the torrents of their subs
yeah, good old file sharing is the best. heh
So where can I find these skipped episodes dubbed? (I *heart* Oikawa's English voice. SO much better than his original one)