my fourm, by baby cyndaquil
I have a rpg in the forum. The address is . Don't let the name fool you, it has digimon roleplay aswell. There are baby digimon in diapers, older digimon, no diapers, digimon tamers in diaeprs, and the tamers without diapers. yes I also have pokemon rp on the forum too and other anime as to make other people happy. I hope you all join, I just change the colors of the forum a tiny bit.
Your stature makes you sound very young
I am a twenty seven year old male. The reason I sound that is that I have experience of roleplay as a babyfur.

Gosh, I didn't know you were here as well.
It is I, Keres!
^^ Hehe, maybe I'll check out that forum you posted above...
Yeap, Knuffwulf is my fur name.
Is that pronounced with or without that first "K" ?
It is prononce without the first 'K'. I had the name for over 5 years.
I know I am double posting, but I need to say that I made it so it is more then a baby pokemon/digimon roleplay forum, I also made it a information forum too. I made it so the pokemon/digimon/neopet part can be talked in general, on the tube or in the games. I am just there to look for the members and guess who come to the forum.
As long as your last post wasn't around a day or two after, then it's ok.
Thanks for letting me know UnknownH. I know I don't have much time to come here, but if noting else, I do come once a while, and if there is a subject that is interesting with me, Chibi Biyomon will let me know aswell.